This is a film about Zatanna in the Nygma Universe.


  • Jenna Coleman as Zatanna Zatara
  • Jon Slattery as John Zatara
  • David Tennant as John Constantine
  • Chris Cooper as John Dee/Dr. Destiny
  • Keith David voices Nebiros
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as young Bruce Wayne (cameo)


A flashback is shown showing Zatara training Bruce Wayne and Zatanna flirting with Bruce, who is five years her senior. We then jump forward to a couple years later right after Bruce leaves and Zatanna is at college.  The demon Nebiros is banished by Zatara, but not before he cast a spell preventing Zatanna and Zatara from seeing each other. The spell can only be undone by Nebiros, but since he has been banished, the spell will last indefinitely.

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