The Justice League boom-tubed into the Hall of Justice washroom after another epic adventure that won't be shown.

"Hell yeah! Did you see how I smashed that Parademon into those stupid cunts on the streets?!" Superman said happy to be with other meatheaded metahumans like him. The rest of the guys, except Batman, high-fived him. Batman is just stoically walking and thinking about Martha because that's what cool guys do.

"And did you guys see me constantly having to save Batman?!" Wonder Woman asked while doing a dumbbell.

"You stupid whore!" Batman yelled, angry at having his manhood challenged, before punching her in the face. Wonder Woman fell to the floor and started bleeding from her nose. Batman grabbed her by the head and forced it into the toilet bowl. She heard him undoing his fly, and turned her head sideways to ask wtf did he think he was doing but, just as she opened her mouth, she got a mouthful of Bat-piss. He pulled up her miniskirt and jammed the Bat-Cock into her ass as deep as he could. "Oh Hera!" Wonder Woman screamed after having her ass penetrated by the 12-inch Bat-Cock.

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