Wonder Woman is the third film in the CURU (Currently Untitled Random Universe) and stars Gina Carano as Princess Diana/Wonder Woman, and Patrick Wilson as Steve Trevor.


Soldier Steve Trevor is leading his troops against a terrorist group called the Cult of Ares, but they may be outnumbered. The Cult is armed with rocket launchers and top notch machine guns, and Steve takes cover behind a crate full of explosives. One of the terrorists fires a rocket at the crate, and Steve is about be blown up when somebody pushes him out of the way... a warrior princess named Diana. Diana brings Steve to safety as the rest of the Amazons arrive to stop the Cult of Ares. However, their leader, Minister Blizzard, enters a room where a strange portal is. He pulls out a special gem and puts it into place on the portal, opening it and causing a giant explosion. The Amazons are forced to retreat, and Diana secretly brings Steve with her.

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