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The third of the solo movies of the new shared DCCU and the last one of the "Trinity". It is set before Justice League and tells Wonder Woman's origin story.


Wonder Woman/Diana of Themyscira-Jaimie Alexander

Col. Steve Trevor-Cam Gigandet

Hippolyta-Linda Carter

Circe-Famke Janssen

Zeus-Liam Neeson

Poseidon-Gerard Butler

Apollo-Jamie Foxx

Hephaestus-Vinnie Jones

Hera-Kate Winslet

Hades-James Earl Jones

Nikos Aegus-Shemar Moore

Aleka-Rosario Dawson

Ares-Jason Statham

Etta Candy-Kerry Washington

Short Summary of IdeaEdit

Wonder Woman is chosen, after winning a tournament, to take Col. Steve Trevor his fellow castaways back to the inland after they ended up on the hidden island of the Amazons, Themyscira and become Themyscira's ambassador of peace to the rest of the world. She must fight off the threat of Circe if she wants to get there though!

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