Wonder Woman is a film based on the character of the same name it is the fir

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st film in the Wonder Woman franchise in the DC Movies Cinematic Universe.It stars Jaime Alexander as Wonder Woman,Bradley Cooper as Steve Trevor,Eric Dane as Muliple Man and Elizabeth Hurley as Cheetah.


  • Jaime Alexander as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
  • Bradley Cooper as Steve Trevor
  • Eric Dane as Mulitple Man
  • Elizabeth Hurley as Cheetah
  • Lynda Carter as Hippolyta


Diana of ThemysciraEdit

Queen Hippolyta gives birth to a daughter whom she names Diana,at the age of 6 Diana began training to be an amazonion warrior by the age of 12 Diana was ahed of her class in fighting,sje excelled in all her amazonion subjects at the age of 21 she was crowned Diana of Themyscira but her ceremony was ruined by the arrival of an unidentified jet.Hippolyta sent amazons to bring it down with arrows.Diana ran toward a pegasus which she flew evading arrows the ship was hit and sent down when Diana jumped of her horse onto te ship and freed the pilot she then maneged to catch onto a tree before the craft fell into the ocean.

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