Wildcat is a 2020 DC Comics Netflix series, and a prequel series for the DC Cinematic Universe. The series was developed by Geoff Johns and Keith Stone.


In 1940s New York City, heavyweight boxer Ted Grant is framed for the murder of his trainer and sentenced to a lifetime in prison. However, after the people who set him up botch an attempt on his life, Ted seizes an opportunity to escape and clear his name by seeking vengeance against those who murdered his mentor as a masked vigilante called Wildcat.


  • Joe Manganiello as Ted Grant/Wildcat- A heavyweight boxer who is framed for murdering his trainer and mentor by his sinister managers. He soon attempts to clear his name as the vigilante Wildcat. Manganiello previously auditioned for the roles of Superman, Vandal Savage, and Bane, but lost out to Scott Porter, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Dave Batista, repsectively.
  • Charlotte Sullivan as Dinah Drake- A street wise thief/anti-hero who Ted comes across in his quest for vengeance. Johns confirmed that this character is the grandmother of Dinah Lance, played by Emily VanCamp in the Green Arrow films.
  • Christopher Meloni as Skinner- One of Grant's sinister managers who frame him for his trainer's murder.
  • Kevin Dunn as Flint- Grant's other manager.

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