Wildcat is a Netflix T.V series that takes place in the Dc Cinematic Universe.

It is created by Greg Berlanti, and Steven S Deknight.



Jai Courtney as Ted Grant/ The Cat-13/13

Caity Lotz as Dinah Drake/ Black Canary-11/13

Robert Downey Jr. as Flint- 10/13

George Clooney as Sam Grant-1/13


Thomas Hadden Church as Baron Gestapo- 6/13

Wes Bently as Chad Graham- 12/13

Regina King as Amanda Waller- 1/13


  1. In 1945, Ted escapes Prison after he is arrested and framed for a crime he did not commit, Ted becomes The Cat and tracks down the suspects.
  2. The Cat investigates Chad Graham when he discovers that he is working for Sam Grant, Ted's father.
  3. Ted discovers a vigilante named Black Canary who is targeting the same thugs, Ted meets Dinah Drake.
  4. Chad hires an assassin known as Prometheus to kill The Cat, Ted investigates the killer, and discovers his name is Curt Calhoun.
  5. Flint gets killed by Baron Gestapo, The Cat discovers his plans for Gotham City.
  6. Dinah gets targeted by The Huntress ( Anne Hathaway) Ted discovers that Dinah and Black Canary are the same person.
  7. Ted's former master Kirigi (Chow Yun Fat) returns and targets a young child who is deemed the Immortal One, The Cat must stop him from killing the child.
  8. Ted goes to New York, to investigate a local murder, While he is there, Ted meets James Barnes, a man who knew his father.
  9. Dinah goes out on a date with Ted, Chad Graham kills Sam Grant, The Cat nearly kills Chad.
  10. In Flashbacks, to 1936, Ted ( Logan Lerman) is trained by Kirigi, In the Present day, Ted struggles with finding a life outside of The Cat.
  11. James aids The Cat in finding Baron Gestapo's secret hideout, Dinah is forced to move out of Gotham.
  12. Baron Gestapo unleashes his Nazi, style army on Gotham City, Ted discovers his true idenity as The Cat to stop them.
  13. James is captured, The Cat begins fighting Baron, but gets frozen, 70 years later, Ted wakes up at, an A.R.G.U.S base, where Amanda Waller creates a new suit, and calls it the Wildcat.

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