The Other One
The other one
Real name Unknown
Aliases Voice of Darkseid, the servant, the other
Relatives None known
Affiliation Darkseid (servant) Monitors (sub-commander and ally) Ares (former ally)
Appeared in Justice League
Portrayed by Bruce Spence

-" The Stone has awakened! Is in an world, an forgotten world. They would try to wield it's power, but our ally will never allow them to take it. 'He is ready to lead, and our force, the Monitors. The world will be his, the universe will be yours. And the humans, will burn.

The Other One is Darkseid's personal servant. He provided Ares with the Parademon army in an attempt to conquer the Earth and claim the Ultimate Stone.


The Other One serves Darkseid, who is helping Ares. When Ares has arrived on Earth, Darkseid is contacted by him, and the Other One threatens the God of War, declaring that if he fails in defeating the Earthlings, Darkseid will make him know a new kind of suffering.

When eventually Ares is defeated, the Other One tells to Darkseid that the Earth's inhabitants have won, and desperate declares that they lost for renegades. To this, Darkseid simply smiles.


  • Ares-Ally
  • Darkseid-Master
  • Parademons-Subordinates
  • Ultimates-Subordinates
  • Justice League-Enemies
    • Batman- Enemy
    • Superman- Enemy
    • Wonder Woman- Enemy
    • The Flash- Enemy
    • Martian Manhunter- Enemy
    • Huntress- Enemy

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