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The Legend of the Emerald Archer is a 2020 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow. It is the second sequel and third entry in the The Emerald Archer series. Skip Woods returns as director and Zak Penn written the screenplay. Liam Hemsworth reprises his titular role as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, and also returning main cast Amber Heard, Adrianne Palicki, Alex Fernandez, and Elizabeth Hurley. It is set for a release date, May 14, 2020.


Arrested for his friend's murder and his alter ego--Green Arrow gone, Oliver Queen's battle against the organization Ellipsis will reach a whole new level. With Star City right in the middle of the war, Oliver will face ghosts from his past while contending with the best of what Ellipsis has to offer. Love will be tested. Death will come. Who will survive? Will Green Arrow be the symbol he supposed to become or will the Queen Legacy die in Ellipsis' control for ultimate power?

Key scenesEdit

  • A prison breakout. A group of masked men break Oliver out of a federal prison.
  • Brianna and Black Canary team up as they uncover a group of people who use Green Arrow as their hero.
  • Helen takes over Queen Corporation as the new CEO.
  • Oliver will rebuild a brand new Green Arrow suit.
  • Green Arrow and his team of archers battle Constantine and a group of Ellipsis agents at the Robert Queen Bridge.
  • The Arrowcar will duke out with several helicopters and snow gliders in the Swiss Alps.
  • The climax will happen in Queen Corporation.
  • Ollie, Brianna, Black Canary; one or two of them will die.

There will be more coming soon.



The Legend of the Emerald Archer released on May 14, 2020 in 3D both conventional and IMAX theaters worldwide.

Critical receptionEdit

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