The Legend of Aquaman is the third film in The Community DC Movie Universe.


  • Brad Pitt as Orin/Aquaman
  • Christina Hendricks as Mera
  • Idris Elba as Black Manta


Aquaman and Black Manta are engaged in an aggressive battle. "YOU KILLED MY FATHER!" Orin shouts, Black Manta pinned to the ground by Orin's foot, trident at his throat. Black Manta retorts with "YOU KILLED MINE, FREAK! YOU'RE NOTHING BUT AN OUTCAST FREAK!" Manta blasts Aquaman off of him with a concussive beam from his helmet. The screen is filled with red from the blast. The title "THE LEGEND OF AQUAMAN" appears as the light fades to black.

Atlanna sits upon the throne of Atlantis beloved by most of her people. Atlan was banished centuries ago for having blonde hair.

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