The Lantern is the 2nd TV series taking place in the Television Universe. It also takes place in the Dc Cinematic Universe.

It is created by Zach Snyder and Andrew Kriesburg



Anthony Mackie as John Stewart/ Green Lantern-13/13

Harrison Ford as Hal Jordan- 12/13

Liam Akien as Kyle Rayner- 10/13

Cobie Smulders as Lora Jordan- 13//13


Kevin Bacon as Sinestro

Joel Courtney as Ted Grant/ Wildcat-1/13

Robert Downey Jr as the voice Atrocitus


  1. In 1989, Green Lantern is defeated by Sinestro, and the Manhunters, Twenty Six years later Hal Jordan (Harrison Ford) recruits John Stewart to become the next Green Lantern.
  2. John investigates a murder done, by an A.R.G.U.S agent, so John and Lora go undercover to investigate, Hal meets up with Amanda Waller.
  3. An alien race, arrives to Earth, and targets Hal, Green Lantern must protect Hal what ever the cost, John asks Lora out on a date.
  4. In 1945, Cyrus Gold is murdered by a rival gang, In present day He is reborn as Solomon Grundy and tries to destroy Green Lantern.
  5. Hal and John, meet the original Green Lantern,(John Glover) Alan Scott , who tells them about a new Meta-Human called The Icicle, who begins freezing the city.
  6. When Lora, goes to meet with Dr. Jordan Weir, he uses his old disguise as the Puppeteer, to force her to kill herself, Green Lantern arrives to stop him, Hal warns John that the life he has could danger Lora.
  7. John's ex college Professor returns to Coast City, but as Green Lantern discovers that he merged with a rouge Manhunter giving him mental abilities.
  8. Wildcat arrives and begins going after thugs, Green Lantern decides to investigate and tries to find the reason he is after them, Sinestro arrives to Planet Earth.
  9. Sinestro arrives, to get John to join the Yellow Lanterns, Hal discovers Sinestro's true plan and must temporary quit Retirement.
  10. John discovers Sinestro's plan to take over Earth, Meanwhile on Earth Lora goes to meet her mother Carol Ferris who left when Lora was eight.
  11. John and Lora, try to have a perfect weekend, since its been two months, of being together, Carol warns John about a female who now takes over the mantle of Star Sapphire.
  12. Sinestro plans to destroy everything/ everyone in John's life, Carol reveals to Hal, why she returned, Green Lantern teams up with Hector Hammond to defeat Sinestro.
  13. Hector nearly kills Green Lantern, and Lora and Hal must save him, before he gets killed, Carol and Lora get involved in a car accident, and John questions if he can still be Green Lantern.

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