The Justice Leauge 2 Rise Of Injustice is a 2025 sequel to The Justice League. Starring Armie Hammer as Clark Kent/Superman, Sean Faris as Bruce Wayne/ Batman, Megan Fox as Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman, Alaxander Skarrsgard as Orin/ Arthur Curry/ Aquaman, Michael Jai White as John Jones/ Martian Manhunter, Alex Pettyfer as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow, Josh Brolin as Vandal Savage, Mark Strong as Lex Luthor, Nathan Jones as Bane Nicholas Hoult as Dick Grayson/ Robin.

Directed by Ben Affleck


Armie Hammer as Clark Kent/ Superman- Superman becomes the new leader of the team.

Sean Faris as Bruce Wayne/Batman- He begins to stop trusting the other heroes and makes a plan to stop them if they became evil.

Megan Fox as Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman- An Amazonian goddess who is also a part of the Justice League.

Alex Pettyfer as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow- He and Batman begin to argue and leaves the team with Batman.

Alexander Skarrsgard as Orin/ Arthur Curry/ Aquaman- He discovers that his brother Orm teams up with Vandal Savage.

Michael Jai White as John Jones/ Martian Manhunter- An alien from mars who decides that he should stay on Earth.

Garret Hedlund as Barry Allen/ The Flash-

Josh Brolin as Vandal Savage- The immortal villain who plans to rebuild Earth in to his image.

Nicolas Hoult as Dick Grayson/ Robin- The sidekick to Batman- Nicolas will become Nightwing in a 5th Batman movie.

Ben Barnes as Hunter Zolomon/ Zoom- Barry`s enemy who joined Vandal Savage`s Injustice Leauge.

Olivia Wilde as Barbera Minnevera/ Cheetah

Nathan Jones as Bane- He joins because he gets to kill Batman.

Tom Hiddleston as Orm/ Ocean Master- He teams up with Vandal to destroy the surface world.


The film starts in the Batcave where Batman is looking up files on the Justice Leauge. He sees that Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite and looks at a Kryptonite weapon if Superman ever turned on him.  Batman cuts it off and says that he created this to see if they would become evil. The opening title happens and we see Metropolis attacked, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash are saving the people. The Flash zooms up and hits one of the soldiers. Superman and Wonder Woman stop the airplanes in the air. As we see them we show Star City. Oliver is doing push ups while he is watching the news. John Jones in his human form comes in. Oliver smiles and asks John if he was leaving Earth. John tells Oliver he feels he should help people of Earth as a member of the Justice Leauge. It cuts to Clark changing into Superman to fly to Gotham.

More to Come.....

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