Teaser revealed at Wondercon 2016.

The Flash is an American superhero film directed by Rian Johnson, produced by Geoff Johns, and written by Paul Dini and Rian Johnson. Based on the DC Comics character Flash, this movie is set in the shared universe with other superheroes and it is an origin story. The film is set before the events of Justice League (2015). The movie is set for July 4, 2017.


Barry Allen (Chris Pine) lives his double life as a Chemist at Central City’s crime lab, aiding in the forensics department. Victim of a chemical spill, Allen had lived with the burden of a secret identity, one he hides under a yellow and red mask. Commonly known as The Flash, he evokes himself into keeping Central City crime free, but a man in disguise plots his demise, along with Central City’s ultimate control. George Harkness (Adam Baldwin) leads a double identity, his skill in building an crafting powerful boomerangs as blades or explosives is enough of a motivation for him to take Barry as his enemy - unknown to his double identity - and plots Flash’s downfall, as well as ultimate and mayor control over Central City’s bank line and a plan in action, forming a large league of villains, who not only have grudges towards The Flash and his ability to stop their plans while in motion, but a large team of superheroes that Wally himself is not aware exists. But first, Harkness plans on attacking Barry’s ultimate weak point Iris West (Rachel McAdams).


- Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, and Charlie Hunnam were considered for the role as the Scarlet Speedster.

- Rian Johnson based Barry Allen off of Wally West, inspired by Wally West in Justice League Unlimited.

- Geoff Johns reportedly helped with story details.

- Orginally Greg Berlanti was suppose to write and direct. Marc Guggenheim was suppose to write the script for The Flash but due to negative response from Warner Bros and the critical and commercial failure for Green Lantern (2011), their idea was scrapped. Geoff Johns stayed as producer, however.

- Geoff Johns totally compared the script to Spider-Man (2001) and Looper (2012). Calling the script, "edgy but fun."

- Greg Berlanti suggested a Hal Jordan cameo but the idea got refused.

- Paul Dini originally didn't want to write a superhero movie but his idea reportedly changed after he was offered a tremendous amount of money.

- Geoff Johns said that the movie will be very standalone with a few easter eggs.

- Brad Bird and David Goyer were both considered to direct.

Author's noteEdit

In reality, I think Chris Pine would be the perfect choice to play Flash. So, someone contact Zack Snyder or Warner Bros or whoever is in charge of the Justice League movie! And I hope Greg Berlanti doesn't direct or write Flash. I hope Rian Johnson or Brad Bird does.

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