The Flash is a 2016 film and is the 4th film in the DC Movies Cinematic Universe to lead up to the Justice League film and will be directed by J.J Abrams the film will star actors Grant Gustin (Barry Allen),Guy Pearce(Mirror Master) Mila Kunis (Iris West), Bradley Cooper (Captain Cold). The film will be released on April 20 2014 Barry Allen's origin in how he became Flash is totally different.

Title Card


Barry Allen is a normal man who applies for a job at CCPD he applies but is put as a rookie who pretends to be a drug dealer for a drug bust but ***** it up he sucks at everything except in the lab.The police Chief promotes him to the head of the Police Lab when the chief says that they found the drug dealers.Barry begs him to go,the chief allows him as he looks around the place he finds the drug dealers he chases them but falls through an open hatch into a vat putting him in a coma. Lois visits him in hospital .


A day in a lifeEdit

Barry Allen is a 23 year old man who was has been fired from nearly every job he get until he applies for a job at the CCPD,while waiting for the applicaton slip to come Barry meets his neighbour Jay Garrick.The two talk about comics after Barry finds an old box of comics in Garricks Shed.Barry then talks about The Flash.Garrick pulls a small grim look on his face when he heres this.Barry saves a boy from being run over the boy tells him his name is Wally West when a woman comes over and tells him thank you before she tells the boy to go inside.Barry figures out that she is reporter Iris West the two talk for awhile when she askes him if he wants to get coffee.Barry then says yes and the two go inside. he tells her that there is a strange women following him . iris tells him that the woman came from earth originally but was nearly died in car acident not so long ago. she was taken to hospital but she was pronounced dead . but a kryptonian doctor called jax-ur came to take to new krypton and gave her blood transfusion of her fiance superman's blood . the blood is taken over her . she is changing into a kryptonian . she got married in new krypton . she lives there but she has been seen hanging around in central city . she lost her husband during the battle against doomsday.


Barry gets the job  is put in the position of Snitch when he pretends to be a drug dealer for a drug bust but screws it up he sucks at everything except in the lab.The police Chief promotes him to the head of the Police Lab when the chief says that they found the drug dealers.

The AccidentEdit

Barry begs the Chief to let him test out his new product,the police chief agrees with Barry and the two leave in a Police Cruiser.At the Warehouse a group of police and S.W.A.T. wait for the cheif"s orders to go in when the cheif arrives he give Barry a gun all police officers in the area then breech the building.Barry wonders around the building killing men he stumbles on when he discovers a room with men making drugs he films it on his 35mm video camera when he makes a small creak the men fill bottles quickly with the drugs and run.Barry follows them when one attempts to kill Barry the two fight with the drug dealer pushing Barry into a vat of water,Barry swims up to the surface bed.The dealer then pours the drug into the vat causing it to turn blue barry attempts to climb out of it when the dealer throws a car battery into it as barry climbs out he is hit with 50 volts of electricity causing him to fall unconcious.The Cheif of police comes and drags Barry out before the building blows up.Barry is sent into critical mode after the accident.Bary awakes feeling fine and is discharged from hospital he returns to his apartment and begins to have a spaz attack causing foam to come out of his mouth.He begins to run around his apartment smashing things his neghibour begins banging his door as Barry runs out the door down to road at super speed rate.The screen then goes black . Lois and her new fiance  George Harkness pay a visit.

The TownEdit

Barry wakes up in a puddle and crawls to his feet only having his pants on he calls for a truck which takes him to a town,the man in the truck tells him that he is in the neghibour town.

Flash 1Edit

Barry goes to his neghibour Jay Garrick he then takes him to the park where he shows his powers.Garrick tells Barry to go to his house and pull out a box marked F1 and take it home.Barry goes to Jay"s house and takes out F1 he then takes it to his house and pulls out the flash suit.That night Barry dresses up as The Flash and stops a robbery.He then goes to Iris West who is reporting and takes her to the top of a building he then tells her that he is the Flash.

Flash 2Edit

Confirmed CastEdit

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