The Emerald Archer series is a series of films based on the DC Comics character, Green Arrow. All the films directed by Skip Woods. Liam Hemsworth stars as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. The series were made by TalixArts.

Main seriesEdit

The Emerald Archer (2016)Edit

After his parents disappeared and later declared dead in June 2001, Oliver Queen's whole world changed. Now currently, he is a 24 year old, young and prideful billionaire businessman. Not ready to take over the family company, he rather live a life on the edge. However, during a yacht trip to Saint Lucia, Oliver suddenly gets attacked by pirates, but gets shipwrecked into a unknown island. A year later, Oliver returns from his exile much changed; he soon discover clues that his parents' death was not accidental. Trying to prove who knows what, Oliver becomes a vigilante known as the Green Arrow to find answers. However, his vigilante antics are soon met by the dangerous Count Vertigo. As Ollie figures to stop Vertigo and learn the truth, he unwittingly puts his old flame, Brianna, in danger when she wants to know who is the Green Arrow. Will Oliver sacrifice love over death, or destiny over legacy to prove who he really is.

Fall of the Emerald Archer (2018)Edit

As Green Arrow rise in infamy throughout Star City, his billionaire alter ego Oliver Queen continues his tireless pursuit to find the secret organization responsible for killing his parents and almost killing him. Oliver with unexpected help from upcoming reporter Dinah Lance tracks a lead to a wealthy philanthropist, Dmitri Valdenko. The two share similar taste in everything, but what Oliver will soon uncover is that Dmitri is actually a mercenary named Merlyn and that he was sent by the organization to destroy Green Arrow. Not only Oliver has to deal with a deadly new enemy, but he also have to deal with a unexpected new arrival...the mysterious Black Canary. Friend or foe, she puts Oliver in uncharted waters and as well put his closet confidants, Brianna Stone and Eddie Fyers in harm's way. Will Oliver sacrifice everything to find the truth or let his life be ruined by his own mistakes.

The Legend of the Emerald Archer (2020)Edit

Arrested for his friend's murder and his alter ego--Green Arrow gone, Oliver Queen's battle against the organization Ellipsis will reach a whole new level. With Star City right in the middle of the war, Oliver will face ghosts from his past while contending with the best of what Ellipsis has to offer. Love will be tested. Death will come. Who will survive? Will Green Arrow be the symbol he supposed to become or will the Queen Legacy die in Ellipsis' control for ultimate power?


  • The Black Canary Strikes -- TBA

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