The DC Extended Universe in my hands. This is my version of the DC Extended Universe and leaves off from Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman. The rest of the films are what they would be in my vision. This DC Extended Universe will have different phases of films, with a framework similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By the way, only The Flash and The Flash: Paradox has a full plos. The rest of movies only have a synopsis.

Films Edit

Part One (2013-2019) Edit

Part One of the JJLee DCEU runs for 7 years and contains 10 films and focuses around the origin stories of all the superheroes, and leads up to the conflict with Darkseid.

Man of Steel (June 14, 2013) Edit

With the imminent destruction of Krypton, their home planet, Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and his wife seek to preserve their race by sending their infant son to Earth. The child's spacecraft lands at the farm of Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha (Diane Lane) Kent, who name him Clark and raise him as their own son. Though his extraordinary abilities have led to the adult Clark (Henry Cavill) living on the fringe of society, he finds he must become a hero to save those he loves from a dire threat, General Zod.

Main Villain: General Zod

Place In Time: Man of Steel takes place before The Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 25, 2016) Edit

Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gothan City's own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis's most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it's ever known.

Main Villain: Lex Luthor, Doomsday

Place In Time: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice takes place before Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad (August 1, 2016) Edit

It feels good to be bad...Assemble a team of the world's most dangerous, incarcerated Super Villains, provide them with the most powerful arsenal at the government's disposal, and send them off on a mission to defeat an enigmatic, insuperable entity. U.S. intelligence officer Amanda Waller has determined only a secretly convened group of disparate, despicable individuals with next to nothing to lose will do. However, once they realize they weren't picked to succeed but chosen for their patent culpability when they inevitably fail, will the Suicide Squad resolve to die trying, or decide it's every man for himself?

Main Villain: Enchantress

Place In Time: Suicide Squad takes place before Aquaman.

Wonder Woman (June 2, 2017) Edit

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny.

Main Villain: Ares, Dr. Poison

Place In Time: Wonder Woman takes place before Wonder Woman II.

The Flash (October 6th, 2017) Edit

Barry Allen, a CSI for the Central City Police Department, gets into a freak accident when struck by lightning when working on the unsolved case of his mother's murder 19 years ago with his father wrongfully blamed. When the lightning strike gets combined with a pool of chemicals he fell into, he gains the power to run at the speed of light. With help from his colleague Thaddeus Thawne, Barry suits up as the Flash, using his super speed to save people around Central City and fight crime. As Barry lives a double life, he struggles with whether he should reveal his identity to his friend and crush, Iris West, whose 10-year old cousin, Wally West, was with Barry during the accident, causing Wally to fall into a coma he may never wake up from. While trying to learn how to use his powers, Barry must confront a dangerous threat from the future who also has super speed, a yellow speedster known as Professor Zoom who wants to take everything away from Barry for unknown reasons. As Professor Zoom is revealed to be from the future, he spills out the future to Barry and Thaddeus, revealing his origins and that's a descendant of Thaddeus, destined to become a villain of the Flash. In the battle against Professor Zoom, Barry learns of Eobard Thawne's origins and how he was obsessed with the Flash and wanted to be like him, re-creating the conditions that got Barry his speed to become the Flash himself. After learning how to time-travel, he finds out after visiting the Flash Museum that he becomes a great adversary of the Flash, battling him across multiple time periods and becoming his greatest enemy. Eobard had multiple battles with the future version of the Flash before coming to this point in time where Barry first got his powers. It's also believed that Professor Zoom was the one who killed Barry's mother. The battle against The Flash and Professor Zoom rages on and they have a battle against each other - to the death - winner takes all. If Barry loses, Professor Zoom gets to rule Central City and kill all his loved ones, but Barry is kept alive since if Barry died, Eobard wouldn't exist. If Eobard loses, Barry is allowed to learn anything he'd like about his future and the instructions on how to time travel so he can save his mom. For help on training and needing more friends to help fight crime, Barry goes to STAR Labs for help and joins a science team of allies willing to help him, Dr. Silas Stone, Jay Garrick, Jesse Chambers, August Heart, and Max Crandall, also including Thaddeus Thawne. Gaining new allies to help Barry train, he becomes determined to embrace his destiny and also defeat Professor Zoom, but he has qualms about killing him. Meanwhile, a personal encounter between Thaddeus and Eobard reveals the future ahead of Thaddeus where Thaddeus gains speed and becomes an enemy of the Flash, starting a feud between the Allen family and the Thawne family that would last for centuries. Eobard also reveals that it was Thaddeus who travelled back in time and killed Barry's mom, not Eobard himself. Thaddeus is distraught by his destiny and begins to act weird around Barry. Finally, after training, Barry believes that he is ready for battle against Professor Zoom and confronts him at the Central City Museum. There, they begin their speed battle, and battle all around the city. Professor Zoom even takes him and Barry to different time periods by time travelling. They battle in years 1776, 1340, 13, 6858 B.C, 2010, 1982, 2025, 2125 (the year Eobard is from), 2593, and even the year 34583. In the film, the battle lasts around 20 minutes. The climax of the great battle is reached back at the current year 2014 at the Central City Museum once again. Professor Zoom is found, about to kill Barry, until it is revealed that Thaddeus was waiting at the Central City Museum, with a gun. As Professor Zoom is about to defeat Barry, Thaddeus shoots himself. Thaddeus is severely injured and presumed dead. Knowing that he's doomed since his ancestor is now dead, Eobard gives Barry a futuristic flash drive containing hundreds of newspaper articles from the future and instructions on how to time travel. After, Eobard is erased from existence. The articles and the instructions also disappear, but things are the same. Nothing changes. Thaddeus is taken to STAR Labs for extreme medical attention. Due to their groundbreaking technology, Thaddeus is able to be saved and healed, barely. After then, the articles and the instructions reappear, meaning that if Thaddeus is alive, so is Eobard. After Thaddeus is healed and he comes home, but with worries that he'll still become a villain and that Eobard is now alive again. Due to this, Thaddeus says that he's going to move far away as possible from Barry and not tell Barry where he's going, that way, he believes that if they separated for an extremely long time, Thaddeus will not form a grudge against Barry and become a villain like Eobard said he would. Thaddeus moves to Coast City and Barry takes a look at the newspaper articles, seeing an article about a battle between the Flash and "Inertia". Remembering that as Thaddeus' destined villain name, he knows that even if Thaddeus moves, the future is still set, but he decides not to tell Thaddeus. Shortly, Wally wakes up from his coma and is brought back home. They test him at STAR Labs for any signs of speed but find nothing so far. As the film closes, Barry is looking at the instructions and the articles and learns about the SpeedForce and that there are many speedsters out there, just in the future and even different universes. He goes back to his STAR Labs team with the information and they work on training Barry to learn how to travel through time. The film later ends with the Flash speeding around Central City and facing 2 criminals, Captain Cold and Heat Wave. A post-credit scene shows that Eobard is still alive, but in his time period, 2125. He is seen looking up at what looks like a blueprint and a map of "time". Scribbled in permanent marker says "REBIRTH 2024". He speeds out of his lair and runs into a time portal, traveling back in time.

Main Villain: Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom

Place In Time: The Flash takes place before Cyborg.

Aquaman (May 1, 2018) Edit

Arthur Curry, half-human, half Atlantean, and the king of Atlantis, a secret underwater kingdom only known as myth to the ones on land, finds a new threat wanting to overthrow Atlantis, while also being called to learn more about his past. With the help of his allies and his wife, Mera, Arthur, known as Aquaman, must go on a hunt for the culprit known as The Ocean Master, committing terror attacks and the destruction of landmarks around Atlantis, while also venturing to land on a quest to find his human father, unaware that the land he walks on is also threatened. While dwelling on land, Aquaman meets and finds a friend in former US soldier and scientist, David Ray, and must learn more about the land above and how to live in it while The Ocean Master lurks in the shadows of Arthur's footsteps.

Main Villain: The Ocean Master

Place In Time: Aquaman takes place before Justice League

The Batman (July 14, 2018) Edit

Taking place 4 years before the events in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce Wayne, the billionaire CEO of Wayne Enterprises, the company he inherits from his father and mother, who were both shot and killed in an alleyway when Bruce was 12. Acting as the vigilante, Batman, to stop the kinds of people that murdered his parents after receiving training from a mysterious clan in the North China Sea, for 3 years, has been stopping robbers and criminals, but this, this is different. When a dangerous mercenary known as Deathstroke appears on the rise, Bruce, with the help of his sidekick, Jason Todd, Robin, must take him down before a mass murder takes place when the mercenary is hired by an unknown organization to tear Gotham and it's people apart.

Main Villain: Deathstroke

Place In Time: The Batman takes place before Man of Steel.

Cyborg (September 27, 2018) Edit

Victor Stone, GCU all-star quarterback, gets into a horrible accident, losing all 4 limbs. Luckily, his father, a genius scientist named Silas Stone at STAR Labs, works hard to save his son, trying to develop new limbs and organ, cybernetic and synthetic, but finds no success, until he discovers an ancient extraterrestrial technology known as the Motherbox, and when brought to the lab, it had mysterious activated, crafting cybernetic parts and replacements to Victor's limbs. Now a Cyborg, Victor must cope with the downsides of being half-human, half-machine, constantly taking in data and not being able to feel, but must control his new found abilities due to his cybernetic physiology. His life completely run on a new path, Victor must adjust to his new life, while also under the threat of Professor Ivo of STAR Labs, who wants to use Victor for his own purposes. With Victor and his father in a war against Ivo, he eventually creates his own android called the Amazo, which turns rogue and wreaks havoc, with Victor the only one capable of stopping him.

Main Villain: Professor Ivo, The Amazo

Place In Time: Cyborg takes places before Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Justice League (May 4, 2019) Edit

A year after the events of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Superman's death, Bruce Wayne begins his quest to find the metahumans he has been looking for. With Diana Prince at his side, the 2 go out and recruit the metahumans, Arthur Curry, Barry Allen, and Victor Stone. As the team fully assembles to prepare for any future threats that Bruce knows is to come, an alien from the planet, Apokalypz, an ancient king named Darkseid, an alien known as a New God with incredible power, seeks to invade Earth and take back the 3 motherboxes left behind with the Altanteans, Amazonians, and the Humans after a war on Earth centuries ago. With a new threat at hand, the Justice League suits up to stop the oncoming threat, but believe that they may be hopeless when a revived and rogue Superman, promoted General of Darkseid's army, levels up the threat in the New War for the Motherboxes and the Justice League's first quest to save their world.

Main Villain: Darkseid

Place In Time: Justice League takes place before Green Lantern Corps.

The Green Lantern Corps (August 31, 2019) Edit

1 years after the Darkseid War, it seems as if all the heroic metahumans of the Earth have gone public, but new heroes are rising. The Green Lantern Corps tells the story of 2 fellow pilots of Ferris Air on Coast City, Hal Jordan and John Stewart, who, when on a test flight, notice a crashing green ship from the sky. When finding the ship, the 2 friends encounter an alien, who gives them 2 green rings. As the 2 learn to control their newfound powers after gaining the ring, they learn of the large intergalactic history behind it, and find themselves on the far planet of Oa, uniting and training with the space army, the Green Lantern Corps. Learning about their long history and training to use their powers for good, the 2 first ever human Green Lanterns team up to fight for the galaxy against the biggest threat the Green Lantern Corps has ever faced, the leader of the evil Yellow Lantern Corps ruled by fear, Sinestro.

Main Villain: Sinestro

Place In Time: The Green Lantern Corps takes place before Gotham City Sirens.

Part Two (2020-2024) Edit

Part Two of the JJLee DCEU runs for 5 years and contains 12 films. Most of the stand-alone films focus on new threats the characters have to face while also continuing their development. The films lead up to the Brainiac conflict.

Man of Steel: World's Finest (March 21, 2020) Edit

Taking place 2 months after the Darkseid War, with Superman's image ruined once again after being mind-controlled and serving as Darkseid's ruthless General, he must save the city under the shadows while also being Clark Kent at home, working hard to conceal his identity. While trying to redeem himself for the acts he committed as Darkseid's General, his friend, Bruce, agrees to help him get his name back, while also suiting back up as Batman and teaming up with Superman when Lex Luthor is broken out of jail by his childhood friend and colleague, John Corben. With Lex Luthor set free, there's no telling of what he's up to next. When Lex plans his revenge on Superman and Batman, he turns John into a cyborg with a Kryptonite heart, named Metallo. With Metallo wreaking havoc and hell-bent on taking down Superman, the world's finest superheroes must assemble to put an end to Metallo. Meanwhile, Lex tries to regain his place back in the company to reform his Lex/OS project at Lexcorp and to see it's progress.

Main Villain: Metallo

Place In Time: Man of Steel: World's Finest takes place before The Green Lantern Corps

Gotham City Sirens (July 13, 2020) Edit

The sequel to the Suicide Squad takes place 2 years after Task Force X's first mission against Enchantress. When the squad is called back for another mission against the ruthless Gotham crime lord named the Joker who plans to infect Gotham with a plague that makes people as crazy as him. As the squad proceeds into Gotham, allying with Batman, they find Harley taking part in the job. As the film pits the Suicide Squad against the Joker and Harley Quinn. Batman eventually defeats the Joker and puts him into prison for good. Harley Quinn manages to escape the battle, but loses her true love. In order to break the Joker out of prison, Harley assembles a team of her old friends, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, to help her, but to do so, she must clash against Batman and her former allies, the Suicide Squad.

Main Villain: Batman

Place In Time: Gotham City Sirens takes place before Shazam!

The Batman: Under the Red Hood (October 8, 2020) Edit

Taking place 1 month after the Metropolis battle between Superman and Zod in 2013 and 2 years after the death of Jason Todd in The Batman, Bruce begins his vendetta mission to find and kill the Superman responsible for the countless deaths in Metropolis. As Batman searches for clues, he becomes distracted when a new vigilante rises known as the Red Hood. With anti-hero tactics and bloody methods of fighting crime, Batman goes out with a new ally taking the Robin mantle, Dick Grayson, to bring an end to his new rival vigilante. As Red Hood becomes an enemy of Batman and haunts him of his past, seeming to know tons about Bruce, he finds a huge threat in this new enemy and an even bigger one when his archenemy, the Joker arises. While fighting against 2 dire threats, Batman questions whether killing is the best method of crime-fighting after all. Through the midst of the battle, a crime lord named the Black Mask is on the brink of grasping the whole city in his hands, and becomes a target of both Batman and Red Hood.

Main Villain: Red Hood, The Joker, Black Mask

Place In Time: The Batman: Under the Red Hood takes place before The Flash.

Shazam! (January 5, 2021) Edit

In a world of superheroes and supervillains, young 12-year old comic book fanatic, Billy Batson, is wondered by the sight of superheroes being real. One day, on the search for a vintage comic book from 1964, traveling far into the rural areas to an abandoned comic book shop, he stumbles upon the wrong cave, which happens to be a temple for an ancient cult leader and supposed "wizard" known as Shazam the Mighty Mortal. When meeting Shazam the Mighty Mortal, Billy gets a spell placed upon him and is locked out of the temple. While trying to figure out what the spell did to him, he finds out when he says the word Shazam!, which turns him into a muscular adult being with a red lighting suit and white cape, given the power to control lightning and thunder. Amazed by this newfound spell, Billy must learn to use his powers while also debating whether to keep them a secret. Inspired by the Justice League, Billy goes out as "Shazam!" to fight crime and save people, and while he catches the attention of the Justice League, he also catches the attention of some very bad people. After returning to the temple of Shazam the Mighty Mortal, he stumbles upon a guarded Egyptian tomb and accidentally uses his powers to revive the being, who is an ancient Egyptian warrior and ancestor of Shazam the Mighty Mortal with the same powers as Billy, and known as Black Adam. With Black Adam only using his powers to dominate, he finds an enemy in Shazam! and sets his goal to take him down to prove that he has no rival. Putting his life, family, and his city at risk, Shazam! must give it his all to stop Black Adam.

Main Villain: Black Adam

Place In Time: Shazam! takes place before The Green Lantern Corps: Blackest Night

Wonder Woman II (May 2, 2021) Edit

In the year 1952, archaeology has become the latest hobby for man. With the Amazonians sending Diana to monitor the archaeologists in case they find any Amazonian artifacts, Diana sets her eyes on Barbara Ann Minerva, an avid archaeologist who is interested in the myth known as Themyscira. Keeping tabs on the archaeologist and later befriending her, Barbara comes across an ancient Amazonian artifact left behind with man centuries ago during the First Darkseid War, enabling her to do a ritual worshipping for the god, Urzkartaga. With Diana trying to stop Barbara from doing the ritual, she fails and sees Barbara possess the avatar of Urzkartaga, giving her Cheetah-like abilities but finding herself cursed as she was not of Amazonian blood, making her look like a Cheetah and only allowing her to eat meat. With Barbara's mind twisted, she goes insane and goes on the hunt for food, becoming a human predator. Being a danger to man and exposing the Amazonians, Wonder Woman must stop Cheetah before she causes too much harm, but the battle gets worse when it is taken back to Themyscira. As she fights Cheetah, Diana must learn new abilities and adopt a duty to protect both worlds of man and amazonians.

Main Villain: Cheetah

Place In Time: Wonder Woman II takes place before Wonder Woman III.

The Green Lantern Corps: Blackest Night (August 28, 2021) Edit

Life hasn't been the same for Hal Jordan and John Stewart. While protecting space from intergalactic threats, they also must deal with their normal life at home, but things get ugly when a new threat arrives to threaten all the Lanterns, Nekron, the leader of the Black Lantern Corps, representing death. With an apocalypse plan to destroy all the other emotions in the galaxy, all of the Lantern Corps must unite to defend their galaxy from the blackest night, Nekron and his army of Black Lanterns. Things get even worse when Nekron revives some of the galaxy's most feared being, including Sinestro, who has plans of his own to get revenge on John Stewart. During the war against Nekron, a third human Green Lantern comes into the mix, Kyle Rayner.

Main Villain: Nekron

Place In Time: The Green Lantern Corps: Blackest Night takes place before The Flash: Paradox

The Flash: Paradox (December 30, 2021) Edit

Things have drastically changed in Barry Allen's life. Barry has mastered the art of time travel and wants to go back in time to save his mother, but is afraid to do it, fearing the consequences. Wally, after 5 years since the lightning accident, has finally begin to show signs of having the SpeedForce in his system. Barry's friend, Thaddeus Thawne, returns to Central City 5 years after distancing himself from Barry, knowing he is destined in the future to become a villainous speedster that will kill Barry's mom after traveling back in time. With Thaddeus warning Barry that he has also begin to show signs of having the SpeedForce in his system, meaning that Thaddeus' destiny is beginning to set in place, Barry is asked by Thaddeus to go back in time and stop his evil future self from killing Barry's mom. With Barry finally having an excuse to go back in time and save his mom, he does so, and returns back to the present, only to face a world much much worse. Instead of Thomas Wayne dying in the alleyway, it was Bruce. Instead of Superman landing in the Kent farmhouse, he landed in New York and blew it up. And there seems to be a war between the Atlanteans and the Amazonians that is bringing the world to it's knees. The Flash must also deal with a group of criminals reigning the streets of Central City known as the Rogues, consisting of a multitude of Flash's enemies from the original timeline. Debating with himself whether he should go back and fix this to allow Inertia to kill his mom, Barry struggles and instead tries to stop the horrible events happening on Earth, teaming with the Thomas Wayne Batman. Failing to fix what is wrong with his new time he calls "Flashpoint", Barry finally travels back in time and stops himself from stopping Inertia. Barry returns to the present, only to see that things are the same. On a 1-on-1 war with time, Barry and Thomas Wayne try to figure out ways Barry can fix this, but each try to restore the original timeline never works. Trapped in Flashpoint, Barry meets the culprit and meets Inertia himself who has been changing things while Barry has been trying to restore the timeline to keep Flashpoint the way it is. But it's not Thaddeus Thawne from Flashpoint, it's Thaddeus Thawne from the original timeline, who reveals that it is possible to run so fast that you reach a whole other plane of frequency, another reality, and that includes other universes and even other timelines created in that same universe. It is also revealed that the original timeline still exists because the Flashpoint timeline wouldn't exist if Barry hadn't traveled from the ORIGINAL TIMELINE to the Flashpoint timeline where his mom lived. Barry, while trying to figure out if Inertia is from present day or the future, begins to run slower and forget memories, those being replaced with new memories. After another confrontation with Inertia, he teaches Barry that the 2 timelines, Flashpoint and the Original Timeline are slowly being merged together, but Flashpoint will take over the new one and the Original Timeline would be completely erased from existence, so Barry's speed will soon disappear and all his memories will be replaced with new ones. Inertia then battles with the Flash across Flashpoint Central City and Inertia challenges the Flash to a race. Who can fix the Flashpoint timeline? If Barry is fast enough to fix the Flashpoint timeline before Inertia can stop it, Barry wins. If Inertia is able to stop Barry from fixing Flashpoint, Inertia wins. Barry is given 48 hours to prepare. He and Thomas Wayne devise a complicated plan and try to learn more about SpeedForce and the space-time theory. After 48 hours, the Flash confronts Inertia in front of Wayne Manor. Inertia then says that the race would depend on speed because points in time are relative. If a change is made in the past first and another change made, that change first made will also appear in the present first. Before they begin the race, Barry asks if this is Inertia from how he knows Thaddeus or from the future. Inertia disregards Barry and he begins the race. The both run off into time portals created by their speed and travel to different time points. Barry takes advantage of his newfound knowledge about the SpeedForce and instead, runs into the SpeedForce space itself, that is a higher dimension than time and outside of time itself, so kind of a cheat. It's an infinite vast space of unlimited energy. He then finds himself looking at all of time itself and focuses on Inertia. He then sees all the things Inertia has been doing to reverse Barry's effects of fixing Flashpoint. In the SpeedForce, he is then attacked by Inertia himself, revealing that they are both in the SpeedForce and that this is how Inertia has always beaten Barry to modifying Flashpoint. Inertia is surprised by Barry's appearance and the two exit the SpeedForce and have a raging battle across Central City and the neighborhood and have their final confrontation at an abandoned power plant. There, Inertia reveals that he is Thaddeus Thawne from the present. It's revealed that Thaddeus discovered his speed soon after the battle against Professor Zoom, but hid it, and that was the main reason he decided to move, knowing his destiny was beginning to come true. He moved to Coast City and for 2 years, he couldn't stop thinking about his destiny as a villain and couldn't take it. It kept nagging him and nagging him, mentally torturing him to the point of depression. Thaddeus was about to kill himself until he thought that all he should do was just embrace his destiny and things would get easier, that you cannot defeat time. So Thaddeus ran to STAR Labs and stole the flash drive with the newspaper articles, copying the files onto his computer, and then running back to STAR Labs to return it, all in the a blink of an eye. No one noticed. Thaddeus learned about his destiny as a villain and repeated those events. He created a suit for himself and used that to become a criminal, where he became an urban legend around Coast City. So secret and discreet that it didn't catch any media attention. He was a villainous speedster for the remaining 3 years, working in secret and slowly bringing Coast City to it's knees. During those 3 years, Thaddeus also worked out a plan for his first attack on the Flash, by then he had lost all likes for Barry. That's where he came up with getting Barry to create Flashpoint and then trap Barry in Flashpoint, whom Thaddeus knew would be like hell. Thaddeus used the flash drive info to learn how to travel through time. He then decided to embrace his fate as a murderer and traveled back in time to kill Barry's mother, and so he could carry out his Flashpoint plan. That was the first step. He came to Central City after 5 years to carry out his plan. After hearing Inertia's origins, Barry was hurt to see what had happened with his friend. Their battle continues on in the power plant until Barry gets the upper hand, grabbing a hold of Inertia and taking him into the present day at Wayne Manor. There, Barry and Thomas Wayne team up on Inertia and eventually defeat him, cuffing him with speed-dampening cuffs they created together. Thomas Wayne gives his goodbyes to Barry, and knows that when Barry goes back in time to let his mother die, the whole world and timeline of Flashpoint would be erased. Barry takes Inertia with him and demands that Inertia tell Barry what events he changed to keep Flashpoint in place. Inertia, accepting his loss of the race, surrenders and they reverse the changes Inertia made and then return to the present , where everything is back to normal and the whole Flashpoint timeline is erased. Inertia is taken and imprisoned at Iron Heights for a life sentence. Barry reunites with his STAR Labs team and Wally. 1 month has passed since Barry traveled back in time and has been missing. He learns that Wally has become a part of the STAR Labs team, acting as the new speedster hero, Kid Flash, while Barry was gon. As Barry finds himself welcome home, he regards how dangerous this life as speedsters is and disbands the STAR Labs team. They all part separate ways while Barry and Wally work as a crime-fighting duo. The film ends as Barry reconciles with himself about how maybe his mom's death was destiny, and it was for the better, at his mother's grave. A post-credits scene appears, where Professor Zoom travels to the present and meets up with Lex Luthor, who gives him a piece of technology from the future that can implement foreign software into a computer software. Professor Zoom leaves and travels to the future while Lex stares at the technology, then gazing up to the Lex/OS logo.

Main Villain: Inertia

Place In Time: The Flash: Paradox takes place before Aquaman: War of Kings

Aquaman: War of Kings (June 1, 2022) Edit

After fighting alongside the Justice League, Arthur Curry has a new perspective on life, knowing that there is an infinite amount of other threats out up in space. Losing confidence in just protecting the world of the sea, Arthur Curry takes it back to the land to protect, only to hear that his old land-dweller friend, David Ray, was murdered. On a hunt for vengeance against the men that killed David Ray, Arthur Curry finds a new enemy in a dangerous mercenary named Black Manta, who Aquaman believes killed David. As Black Manta threatens the whole city of Atlantis, hired by a mysterious organization only known as SCOURGE, to completely destroy the place, Aquaman must protect his homeland while also trying to figure out the mystery of SCOURGE.

Main Villain: Black Manta

Place In Time: Aquaman: War of Kings takes place before Cyborg 2.0.

Cyborg 2.0 (November 6, 2022) Edit

Being a part of the Justice League, Victor Stone has been launched into a bigger world we could ever imagine, being a hero of the digital age, but is offered an opportunity to turn his life back to normal when breakthroughs at STAR Labs lead to the developing of flesh-like prosthetic limbs. Struggling with whether he should remain as a cyborg and being a hero, or reverting back to a regular life, Victor must deal with another problem when the world becomes threatened by a hacker named Brother Eye, who has created a super virus known as Killgr%e, even Cyborg is threatened as he is hackable. When the Killgr%e virus becomes sentient, forming intentions of it's own, it even takes on a physical form of it's own and brings the world to it's knees, and Cyborg is the only one who can stop him.

Main Villain: Killg%re

Place In Time: Cyborg 2.0 takes place before Justice League: Uprising

Justice League: Invasion (May 3, 2023) Edit

6 years since the Second Darkseid War, the Justice League assembles once more, this time, with 2 new members, Green Lantern and Shazam! Lex Luthor has been able to gain total control of the Lexcorp company and has finished up his Lex/OS project. Suspicious about his plans for it, The Justice League goes on a undercover mission at Lexcorp

Main Villain: Brainiac

Place In Time: Justice League: Uprising takes place before Dark Universe.

DC's Dark Universe (October 31, 2023) Edit

After witnessing the use of dark magic during the war against Starro and Despero, Batman gets the idea to assemble another version of the Justice League to deal with the dark magic threats coming in the future. Recruiting occult John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Etrigan the Demon, Black Orchid, and Deadman to protect the world from mystical threats, they assemble as Justice League Dark. As they venture into the world of mystics, spells, and magic, they must learn to work together effectively as a team and find a new threat named Felix Faust who could end their world.

Main Villain: Felix Faust

Place In Time: DC's Dark Universe takes place before Shazam! Overload

Shazam! Overload (January 29, 2024) Edit

Fawcett City has found a new hero when a electricity-controlling metahuman known as Black Lightning begins to use his powers for good. As Billy struggles to stay in the spotlight, while also thinking back at this first mission with the Justice League, saving their world from Starro and Despero, ventures back to Shazam the Migthy Mortal's temple for advice, only to find out that he is on the brink of death. During his encounter with Shazam the Mighty Mortal, Billy is asked to take on his mantle, much to the distress of Shazam the Mighty Mortal's son, Amon Tomaz. As Billy is given 2 days to think about his offer, he returns to take on the title, becoming the new Shazam the Mighty Mortal. As the wizard dies at 118, Billy returns to his city to find a new temple for the Marvel Cult, but is ambushed by Amon Tomaz, with desires to kill Billy so he can take on the title of Shazam the Mighty Mortal. As Amon Tomaz, being called the Orisis by the Marvel Cult, threatens Billy's family, city, and friends in efforts to make Billy's life miserable, the two battle for the Shazam title, but Billy may need some help as he drags Black Lightning into the battle.

Main Villain: Osiris

Place In Time: Shazam! Overload takes place before The Batman: Reign of Shadows

Part Three (2024-2028) Edit

Part Three of the JJLee DCEU concludes the DCEU and ends all the superhero trilogies. It follows superheroes on their biggest battles yet and pits the Justice League against one another during the final film.

The Batman: Reign of Shadows (October 28, 2024) Edit

Taking place in present day, Bruce Wayne has it all. Leader of the Justice League and a guardian of Earth, feels unstoppable, but that is, until wounds from the past come back to haunt him. When a new threat known as the Scarecrow terrorizes Gotham City with his fear gas that reveals people's greatest fears, Batman must stop this dire threat but must investigate into Scarecrow's past when finding out that he has ties to the League of Shadows, where Batman got his training. While figuring out Scarecrow's plans, he is lead to believe that he is trying to revive Ra's Al Ghul, but in a whole new way. In the midst of the battle, another enemy from Bruce's past has come back to haunt him, Hush, and is willing to take away everything Bruce gained. In the greatest test the Caped Crusader has ever faced, Bruce must hold the fate of the city on his shoulders, and even calls upon the help of the Justice League and the Lantern Corps when things get real serious with Scarecrow. Meanwhile, Bruce must take on a new protege named Tim Drake, who wants to become the next Robin.

Main Villain: Scarecrow/Sinestro, Hush, Ra's Al Ghul

Place In Time: The Batman: Reign of Shadows takes place before Man of Steel: Last Son.

Man of Steel: Last Son (April 4, 2025) Edit

Even Superman bleeds. In the final film of the Man of Steel trilogy, Kal-El faces the biggest threat of his life and learns the truth about everything. When realizing that Jor-El's consciousness was all a lie, Clark ventures back into the Kryptonian ship to figure out what's really going on, he learns of an A.I widespread across all Kryptonian, including the one where Lex Luthor found out about Darkseid, named Brainiac. When Superman accidentally unleashes the power of Brainiac, he takes on a physical form to finish the plan he had for Kal-El all along.

Main Villain: Brainiac

Place In Time: Man of Steel: Last Son takes place before Injustice League.

Wonder Woman III (November 6, 2025)Edit

Diana has made up her final decision to stay on Earth and protect man. In a new age, in 2009, where technology seems to be taking over man, becoming their new idol, the Amazons call Diana back to Themyscira believing that these are signs of the fulfillment of the Apollo Prophecy, but Diana is dealing with problems of her own when Cheetah is unleashed, as she was put in cryogenic sleep by the military after the events of Wonder Woman II, and now released once more. Dealing with her own problems against Cheetah, a new super-solider, the Apollo Prophecy is fulfilled when the god Apollo returns to Themyscira, with promises to destroy and ravage the entire land and recreate it in his own image. As the Amazons call for Diana's help against the biggest war of their life, she fights a battle on two fronts. Land and Themyscira. 

Main Villain: Apollo, Cheetah

Place In Time: Wonder Woman III takes place before The Batman.

Injustice League (June 24, 2026) Edit

In the final film of the Rogues Gallery trilogy, and sequel to Gotham City Sirens, Lex Luthor has decided to do something about the group of dominating superheroes known as the Justice League. Recruiting the Joker, Cheetah, Black Manta, Professor Zoom, Sinestro, Black Adam, and reviving the Amazo, he forms the Injustice League to get his revenge on the heroes that ruined his life. Also pulling out members from former Task Force X: Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, and Killer Croc, they go out on a mission to undo the Justice League's work, while also planning their heist to steal the Solitude Shard created by the combined power beams of the all the Lantern Corps, Superman's Heat Vision, Flash's Lightning, Wonder Woman's Power Beams, Cyborg's Lasers, Aquaman's Water Beams, and Shazam's Lightning during The Batman: Reign of Shadows.

Main Villain: Justice League

Place In Time: Injustice League takes place before The Green Lantern Corps: Emerald Twilight

The Green Lantern Corps: Emerald Twilight (October 3, 2026) Edit

5 years since the death of Hal Jordan, it's been John Stewart and Kyle Rayner defending space and fighting for the Green Lantern Corps, and fighting against the biggest threat the galaxy has ever faced. When an ancient being, Parallax, the first Yellow Lantern in history, and the physical embodiment of fear, awakens from the dead by an unknown threat, a war begins on two fronts. As John Stewart and all the Lantern Corps unite to fight against Parallax, Kyle Rayner and a fourth human Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, join forces to search for the threat that awakened Parallax in the first place, an find an alien conquerer named Mongul who has a sinister plan to become the Master of the Universe.

Main Villain: Parallax, Mongul

Place In Time: The Green Lantern Corps: Emerald Twilight takes place before The Flash: Rebirth.

The Flash: Rebirth (January 24, 2027) Edit

5 years after the Flashpoint Paradox and the disbandment of the Flash Family team at STAR Labs, Barry assembles a get-together with the old team. Reuniting with Jay Garrick, Max Crandall, Jesse Chambers, and August Heart, they take a visit to STAR Labs and their old base of operations where they are attacked by Professor Zoom, who has returned from the moment right after he was defeated by Barry in their last battle. As he attacks STAR Labs and battles Barry & Wally, he accidentally sets off a SpeedForce explosion that strikes Jay, Max, Jesse, and August with SpeedForce lightning. After the battle, Professor Zoom escapes but Jay, Max, Jesse, and August all become speedsters. Barry and Wally work together to train the new 4 speedsters to embrace their powers and use it for good. Forming a 6-member team of speedsters, calling themselves the Flash Family, with Jay taking on the name Crimson Comet, Max calling himself Max Mercury, Jesse calling herself Jesse Quick, and August calling himself Godspeed, they work together as a team to stop Professor Zoom until a new threat arrives. A new man from the future as well, a new ally of Professor Zoom, named Cobalt Blue. Equipped with futuristic armor and blue energy blasts that dampen speed, he and Professor Zoom devise a plan known as the Rebirth Event, which catches August's attention. After a personal encounter with Professor Zoom and Cobalt Blue, August is corrupted and he joins the villains to take part in carrying out the Rebirth Event. Known that Godspeed has gone rogue and has joined Cobalt Blue and Professor Zoom, the Flash Family, must fight against them and stop them from this Rebirth Event they are trying to achieve. Things get big when Cobalt Blue and Godspeed reveal their plan to reset the entire universe and re-create it in their own image, making certain events happen and basically controlling all that happens in existence. As the three villains go on a mission to gather the materials to build a device that can siphon their speed to initiate the Rebirth Event. After Professor Zoom reveals that he has been planning the Rebirth Event for a long time, the Flash Family team trains at STAR Labs to get faster and faster in order to stop Cobalt Blue, Godspeed, and Professor Zoom. The film also shows the perspective of Cobalt Blue, Godspeed, and Professor Zoom, who set up a base at Eobard Thawne's lab in 2125. Tensions form in the group with trust when Cobalt Blue refuses to take off his mask. Godspeed wants control of the group, which angers Professor Zoom. Cobalt Blue is also revealed to have speed and is the fastest of them all. Tensions increase when Professor Zoom demands that Cobalt Blue give off his secret of his speed. Meanwhile at STAR Labs, the Flash Family is able to locate where the "Rogues" are (a nickname given to the 3 enemies). They learn to time travel and go to 2125 to attack their base. A big battle rages at Central City 2125 between the Flash Family and the Rogues where they take their battle to the Flash Museum, there Eobard sees a new statue memorial never seen before in his last visit, meaning that time has changed since then. There, they learn about their destinies in the Rebirth Event. It is revealed that Jesse Quick dies and that Godspeed and Professor Zoom also meet their demise. Determined to change their destinies, the Rogues retreat and go to a different year, 2086, when Eobard was born, and go to the lab, Thawne Sciences. The Flash Family returns to 2024 and makes a daring move to travel to the future from the SpeedForce to Jesse's death. They go into the SpeedForce and are able to find the point in time of Jesse's death, which is the year 5,400,240,000 B.C, the year before time even existed. There they witness a massive battle between the Flash Family and the Rogues, who battle in blank space, with the exception of a huge diamond shaped device in the middle of the battle, labeled REBIRTH DEVICE. As the Flash Family witnesses the great battle of the future, the Rogues come along and meet the Flash Family in the SpeedForce, where they have another battle yet again. As they battle across the infinite void of space and energy, Max Mercury witnesses Jesse's death, seeing her evaporated into dust after stopping the Rebirth Device from resetting the universe. The battle across the SpeedForce comes to a draw and ends in Flash's and Professor Zoom's fists colliding, creating an energy surge scattering the speedsters across various points in time. Lost in time and trying to find their way out of the time periods they are stranded in, Barry finds himself in the year 2118, and witnesses Eobard Thawne's origins as Professor Zoom himself, even encountering him on his descent into madness. He stumbles into Eobard's lab at Thawne Sciences and learns that Eobard was planning the Rebirth Event even before he became Professor Zoom, but with better intentions at first. Barry learns that Eobard was obsessed with the Flash and wanted to be him, and that he was working on duplicating the reaction that gave Barry speed. He learns that Eobard was planning to become like the Flash, a hero, after gaining speed so he could plan out this theoretical Rebirth Event where energy from the SpeedForce could be harnessed into a device that could completely reset the universe, in a way that there are different outcomes, but they the person that the SpeedForce energy originates from will be able to control what outcomes happen, basically controlling the universe and what events happen. Barry then stumbles upon a Pros & Cons chart, learning that Eobard was planning to reset the universe into a world where crime didn't exist and that every human was a speedster. The con list stated that if the universe was reset, the already existing universe would be completely wiped, meaning that everyone and everything would be destroyed so a new universe could replace it, but lots of things and people would cross over from the original universe to the new one, but they wouldn't be the sme person/thing in the last one, same body, same memories, different person than before. Except, the people that started the Rebirth Event would be able to COMPLETELY cross over to the new universe and be the same person as before. Knowing how dangerous the Rebirth Event really is, Barry runs and returns to the SpeedForce to tell the Flash Family, while also trying to figure out Professor Zoom, Godspeed, and Cobalt Blue's new intentions for the Rebirth Event. Meanwhile, the Rogues are reunited and finish the building process of the Rebirth Device. After Barry tells the Flash Family about what he learned about the Rebirth Event. In a hurry to find out where the Rogues are now, they go to the SpeedForce and find them at the year 5,400,240,000 B.C, the time where the Rebirth Event would start, but also the time before the universe was even created. They travel to 5,400,240,000 B.C and face a blank infinite space of darkness, but they are able to breathe and even run on nothingness. They go face-to-face with the Rogues and the Rebirth Device, a giant hovering diamond-shaped machine. Cobalt Blue and Professor Zoom begin to speed around the Rebirth Device while Godspeed holds off the Flash Family. As Godspeed battles Flash, Kid Flash, Crimson Comet, Jesse Quick, and Max Mercury, the Rebirth Device begins to siphon off Cobalt Blue and Professor Zoom's speed, but they are quickly stopped by the Flash Family. As the Flash Family battles Professor Zoom and Godspeed, Barry and Cobalt Blue have a one-to-battle on the Rebirth Device itself. As they battle, the device slowly siphons off both of their speeds. Cobalt Blue is then unmasked by Barry, revealing that Cobalt Blue looks exactly like Barry. This throws Barry off and he loses track, but Cobalt Blue doesn't kill Barry when he has the chance, but reveals that he is Barry from the future in 3 years. Barry doesn't buy it and beats up Cobalt Blue, who pleads to Barry that he needs to let himself reset the universe to stop a dangerous threat that comes in 3 years. Cobalt Blue reveals that he is trying to create a new universe without a certain being, but doesn't reveal who. Cobalt Blue says that he comes from a time when it was just Professor Zoom and Godspeed trying to start the Rebirth, and that later on, a new enemy of the Justice League threatens the existence of the multiverse and that Barry had travelled back in time as a villain named Cobalt Blue so he could take advantage of the Rebirth Event, working with Eobard and August, so he could create a universe without that new threat, which is still doesn't reveal. He also reveals why Eobard and August want to reset the universe. Eobard wants to create a world without you and defeat you forever. August wants to create a world where is the fastest speedster of them all and become the God of Speed so he can rule the SpeedForce. Barry doesn't buy it and asks his future self what the threat's name is. Cobalt Blue whispers, "Anti Monitor", before being attacked by Professor Zoom, who has just noticed Cobalt Blue unmasked as Barry. Professor Zoom calls Cobalt Blue a traitor all along and battles Cobalt Blue and the present Barry. In the end, Cobalt Blue is killed by Professor Zoom and dies after telling Barry to not make the same mistake he did, to right his wrongs, and repeat what he was trying to do. Giving honor to his future self, Barry vows to do what his future self did when the threat comes, but to do it right. Professor Zoom and Godspeed both have an epic battle with the Flash Family. As the battle concludes, the Rebirth Device is at 70% and Professor Zoom and Godspeed both run around the device clockwise. The Flash Family are unable to stop it, as their speed has been dampened after Godspeed uses Cobalt Blue's blasters to stop them. The Rebirth Device hits 100% and it begins to use the energy from the Rogues' speed to generate an explosion to reset the universe and create a new one. Professor Zoom and Godspeed both continue to run around the device so they can be crossed over to the new universe, but instead, run too fast and both disintegrate into pure energy, washed away, fulfilling the destiny they saw at the Flash Museum. Jesse is the first to gain her speed back and then runs around the Rebirth device, this time, counter-clockwise, to see if it will reverse the effects. It begins to work and the energy siphoned and is being given back to Jesse. Barry, remembering Jesse's death from the Flash Museum, quickly runs to the device and takes Jesse's place, throwing her back into the black space, and running around the device himself. Barry keeps running and running until all the energy from the device is dampened, but Barry is filled up with too much SpeedForce energy and disintegrates into pure energy, taking Jesse's place. The Rebirth Device implodes, but Max Mercury is able to take the rest of the Flash Family into the SpeedForce before they are hit. They return to 2024 back to Central City, where they mourn over Barry's death and sacrifice. The rest of the film shows their mourning and the creation of the Flash Museum where the Flash is honored and a funeral is created for Barry. It is revealed that the Flash was Barry Allen to Central City. A scene in 2125 is shown in future Central City where there is a Missing Person alert for Eobard Thawne. The scene switches to 2024 where the disappearance of August Heart is explained at a STAR Labs press conference. After Barry's funeral, Wally goes back to the Lab and takes a look at Barry's suit. The end of film shows Wally dawning the Flash suit and taking on the mantle. A mid-credits scene takes place in the SpeedForce where we see the shape a human, but in the form of pure lightning energy. The form, in blue lightning, slowly begins to manifest into a physical form, revealing the Flash, Barry Allen. As the body is formed and finally completed into a real body, Barry wakes up, his eyes opening and a deep voice saying, "Welcome to the SpeedForce Barry Allen" before the movie ends.

Main Villain: Cobalt Blue, Godspeed, Professor Zoom

Place In Time: The Flash: Rebirth takes place before Aquaman: Fallen Kings

Aquaman: Fallen Kings (July 5, 2027) Edit

After being called off to the throne of Atlantis, a new mysterious figure is elected and supposedly inherited to take on the throne and become the king of Altlantis. Named Atlan, he begins to corrupt the nation of Atlantis, and Aquaman must investigate into him and see what he is up to. After learning that is the prophecy of the Legend of the Dead King, Aquaman knows that it's doomsday for Altantis and must assemble an army to stop Atlan from bringing the ancient city to it's knees.

Main Villain: Atlan

Place In Time: Aquaman: Fallen Kings takes place before Cyborg V3.

Cyborg 3.0 (December 30, 2027) Edit

Main Villain: Grid

Place In Time: Cyborg V3 takes place before Shazam! Surge

Shazam! Surge (May 5, 2028) Edit

Main Villain: Dr. Sivana, Sabbac

Place In Time: Shazam! Surge takes place before Justice League: Injustice Part 1

Justice League: Injustice Part 1 (November 16, 2028) Edit

In the first part of the final film of the DC Extended Universe, the Justice League assembles one last time to face their biggest threat yet. The film opens up, taking place at Metropolis. Text says, "A possible future." It is revealed to be a world without the Justice League. Batman and Superman, who have been revealed to be rivals, but still heroes, team up for the first time against the Joker, who is threatening to unleash a nuclear missile on Metropolis. Joker outsmarts the two and traps them in a Kryptonite cell. Batman and Superman are unable to escape while Joker makes a bargain with Batman. He says that the missile will either be launched to Gotham or Metropolis and that Batman has 1 minute to decide which city before Joker unleashes a second missile to destroy both cities. Not really having much care for Metropolis, the home of Superman, since Superman is his rival, Batman relunctantly chooses Gotham to be saved. Joker deploys the missile and destroys the city, killing everyone, including Lois Lane and Superman's newborn son. Before Joker explodes the city, he looks back at an encrypted message from an alien ship on a computer he got from Darkseid, who is revealed to still be alive. It gives the order for Joker to explode the city and to let Bruce make the choice. After the tragic loss, Superman's personality completely shifts, engulfed with rage, despair, and darkness. Clark develops an extreme hatred for Batman, but doesn't kill him yet, vowing that Bruce must suffer. He comes up with the idea for peace through subjugation and forms a new world order, a unified world government, ruled by him, known as the Regime, to eliminate all crime and create a perfect union, but many rights are sacrificed and Superman's ways of enforcing the law are brutal. Knowing that Superman's ways are wrong, Batman forms a group of rebels to overthrow the Regime known as the Insurgency. The world is divided between the Regime and the Insurgency and it's taken over by war. During a certain battle, Superman unleashes a huge wave of power that destroys 5 cities via energy wave. Flash, in dystopian armor, is seen running from the blast as fast as he can, but knows the blast will eventually catch up to him. A last resort, Barry opens a time portal to see if he can stop his time from ever happening. He opens a window into the past and gives a SpeedForce vision to a younger Bruce, showing him what the world is like. He then communicates with the young Bruce Wayne, telling him that he is too early and that Lois Lane is the key, and to find and assemble the metahumans. This was the Knightmare scene from Batman v. Superman.

Main Villain: The Regime, Darkseid-2, Black Flash

Place In Time: Justice League: Injustice Part 1 takes place before Justice League: Injustice Part 2

Justice League: Injustice Part 2 (July 4, 2029) Edit

The Regime has been fully defeated and put in it's place, with Superman-2 in prison, but the Justice League find themselves still far from victory. As one threat is taken care of, another threat comes into the mix. The Justice League, safely back on Earth-1, eventually find a dangerous discovery, that the dimensional gateway that connected Earth-1 and Earth-2 was created on purpose. In their search for the culprit, who they believe is a huge threat, the culprit reveals himself, a god-like being named the Anti-Monitor from the Antimatter Dimension. With origins unknown, the Anti-Monitor is revealed to be able to manipulate the entire multiverse, and finds himself trying to kill the Justice League. As the Justice League takes it upon themselves to save themselves and the multiverse, they discover other Earths and team up with alternate versions of themselves, and they just might take a visit to Earth-2 as well in the greatest battle ever fought in cinematic history.

Main Villain: The Anti Monitor

Chronological Timeline Edit

Here are the DCEU movies in chronological order!

  • 1914-1928 Wonder Woman
  • 1952 Wonder Woman II
  • 2009 Wonder Woman III
  • 2011 The Batman
  • 2013 Man of Steel
  • 2013 The Batman: Under the Red Hood
  • 2014 The Flash
  • 2015 Cyborg
  • 2015 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • 2016 Suicide Squad
  • 2016 Aquaman
  • 2017 Justice League
  • 2017 Man of Steel: World's Finest
  • 2018 The Green Lantern Corps
  • 2018 Gotham City Sirens
  • 2019 Shazam!
  • 2019 The Green Lantern Corps: Blackest Night
  • 2019 The Flash: Paradox
  • 2020 Aquaman: War of Kings
  • 2021 Cyborg 2.0
  • 2023 Justice League: Uprising
  • 2023 DC's Dark Universe
  • 2024 Shazam! Overload
  • 2024 The Batman: Reign of Shadows
  • 2024 Man of Steel: Last Son
  • 2024 Injustice League
  • 2024 The Green Lantern Corps: Emerald Twilight
  • 2024 The Flash: Rebirth
  • 2025 Aquaman: Fallen Kings
  • 2025 Cyborg V3
  • 2026 Shazam! Surge
  • 2027 Justice League: Injustice Part 1
  • 2027 Justice League: Injustice Part 2

Series Edit

The DC Extended Universe is made up of several movie series'. Each series is based off a particular superhero.

Man of Steel Series Edit

  1. Man of Steel (2013)
  2. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
  3. Man of Steel: World's Finest (2020)
  4. Man of Steel: Last Son (2025)

The Batman Series Edit

  1. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
  2. The Batman (2018)
  3. The Batman: Under the Red Hood (2020)
  4. The Batman: Reign of Shadows (2024)

Wonder Woman Series Edit

  1. Wonder Woman (2017)
  2. Wonder Woman II (2021)
  3. Wonder Woman III (2026)

The Green Lantern Corps Series Edit

  1. The Green Lantern Corps (2019)
  2. The Green Lantern Corps: Blackest Night (2021)
  3. The Green Lantern Corps: Emerald Twilight (2026)

The Flash Series Edit

  1. The Flash (2017)
  2. The Flash: Paradox (2021)
  3. The Flash: Rebirth (2027)

Aquaman Series Edit

  1. Aquaman (2018)
  2. Aquaman: War of Kings (2022)
  3. Aquaman: Fallen Kings (2027)

Cyborg Series Edit

  1. Cyborg (2018)
  2. Cyborg 2.0 (2022)
  3. Cyborg V3 (2027)

Justice League Series Edit

  1. Justice League (2019)
  2. Justice League: Uprising (2023)
  3. DC's Dark Universe (2023)
  4. Justice League: Injustice Part 1 (2028)
  5. Justice League: Injustice Part 2 (2029)

Rogues Gallery Series Edit

  1. Suicide Squad (2016)
  2. Gotham City Sirens (2020)
  3. Injustice League (2025)

Shazam! Series Edit

  1. Shazam! (2021)
  2. Shazam! Overload (2024)
  3. Shazam! Surge (2028)

Heroes Edit

Villians Edit

TV Shows Edit


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