Batposter 3

The Batman III (also known as The Batman 3) is an American superhero action film. It is the third film in The Batman Trilogy. It is written by ElectricMayhem.


Batman must make a comeback when a chemist named Kirk Langstrom transforms himself into a hybrid monster, and wreaks havoc through the town. Meanwhile, a schizophrenic ventriloquist escapes from Arkham Asylum, and quickly takes over Gotham's underworld.


  • Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Vicki Vale
  • Kirk Langstrom/Man-Bat
  • Arnold Wesker/The Ventriloquist
  • Scarface the Dummy
  • Harvey Dent
  • Gillian B. Loeb
  • James Gordon
  • Renee Montoya
  • Harvey Bullock
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Hugo Strange
  • Harleen Quinzel
  • Carrie Kelly

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