The Batman: Dark Knight is a 2014 sequel to 2012's The Batman. It stars Armie Hammer again as Bruce Wayne/ The Batman. It is also the fourth installment in the Dc Cinematic Universe.

Directed By Sam Mendes

It will be released July 4th, 2014


Armie Hammer as Bruce Wayne/ The Batman- A Billionaire play-boy who is also the Batman. Armie states that his character will struggle with his two identities, Armie says that he will appear in at least two more Batman movies, aswell as the Justice League Film.

Brittany Snow as Rachel Dawes- Bruce's ex girlfriend who now is involved in helping Bruce take in criminals.

Hugh Laurie as Alfred Pennyworth- Bruce's butler/ friend who continues to aid Bruse when he is Batman.

Bryan Cranston as Lt. James Gordon- The cop who trusts The Batman, Bryan states that Edward Nygma has an old friendship with Gordon.

Sam Rockwell as Edward Nashton/ The Riddler- An ex Wayne Enterprises employee who went mad and begin killing people in his alter-ego, The Riddler.

Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle- A rich Philanthropist who has a mysterious past with Doctor Strange. Zoe states that Selina will become Catwoman in the third film.

Tyrese Gibson as Lucius Fox- Bruce's friend who also supplies him with technology as Batman to fight crime.

Stanley Tucci as Dr. Hugo Strange- A doctor who works with Edward Nashton, He is also connected to Selina.

Colm Feore as Anton Schott/ The Dollmaker


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