The Batman: Caped Crusader is a 2017 sequel to The Batman, It is also the 4th film in the Dc Universe. It stars Michael Fassbender as Bruce Wayne/ The Batman, Kate Mara as Silver St Cloud.

Directed By Gore Verbrinski

Released June 16th 2017


Michael Fassbender as Bruce Wayne/ The Batman- A Billionaire/playboy who is also the Batman. Michael states that a new killer called The Joker will be the film`s main villian.

Kate Mara as Silver St Cloud- Bruce`s ex girlfriend who now helps Batman put the criminals behind bars. Kate says that she had a two picture deal.

Colin Donell as Harvey Dent- Silver`s ex boyfriend. Collin states that Harvey is on his way to becoming Two-Face.

Christopher Plummer as Alfred Pennyworth- Bruce`s butler.

Jeff Bridges as Leutinet James Gordon- The cop who at first did not trust Batman. Jeff was angry that in the . first film he was not in it enough.

Adrian Brody as The Joker- A criminal who begins killing people, He is also the leader of the Spades. Adrian states that his version of the Joker will be a unique version.

Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle-cameo


The Film starts down town in Gotham where thugs are packing up drugs to send to Cuba, The first guy says that he rather go home since the Batman has been active lately, All of a sudden Batman jumps down and begins beating up the thugs, Batman picks up a thug and asks him where are the drugs going? Shift at a party where Silver, Harvey, Alfred and Selina Kyle are at, Harvey then asks Alfred what is taking Bruce so long and Alfred replies that master Bruce is very busy.

It shows Batman in the Batmobile and recives a text from Alfred saying people are getting ready to leave. Selina walks up to Alfred and says that Bruce must be a busy man to miss his party, Alfred then smiles and asks what her name is? She then whispers in his ear and says Selina Kyle. It shifts to when Bruce arrives and people cheer.

More to Come......

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