This is the second season of the TV show.
◾Lance Henriksen as Brainiac / Vril Dox
◾Dave Franco as Clark Kent / Superman.
◾ Emily De Raven as Louis Lane.
◾ Michael Ironside as Darkseid / Uxas
◾ Joel Courtney as Jimmy Olsen
* Dylan O'Brien as Superboy
  1. A imp named Mister Mxyzptlk attacks Jimmy Olsen.
  2. A new Kryptonian boy lands in Earth. Superman tries to teach him to be good.
  3. Superboy fights Parasite who captured superman.
  4. Lois Lane finds an Artifact from Krypton which holds Mongul.
  5. Mongul made Lois Lane his host, and had her release the Doomsday then it killed Superman.
  6. Lois Lane who is still the host of Mongul and she must find 3 ingredients to free Mongul. Superboy tries to convince Dr, Faith to Revive Superman.
  7. Clark returns but must face a new threat of Lex Luthor who has created a kryptonite enhanced battle suit.
  8. Superman meets John Henry Irons who is really Steel, they team up to stop Brainiac.
  9. New crime boss named Bruno Mahyiem kidnaps Superboy, and Superman must get him back.
  10. Mongul just got free and Lois Lane is trapped in a areana with Doomsday.
  11. After saving Lois Lane Superman gets attacked by an alternite versoin of him that is a crook called Ultraman.
  12. Ultraman traps Clark in the Phantom Zone while he takes over Clark`s life.
  13. Ultraman begins framing Superman for crimes. Meanwhile in the Phantom Zone Clark gets help from Jax-Ur.
  14. In Metropolis Superboy works with alien Starfire stop Ultraman. In the Phantom Zone Superman exits with Ajax-ur also now Supergirl.
  15. Clark brings Supergirl into the team but they must work together to stop Metalo.
  16. Starfire and her Teen Titans teem arrive and helps Superman stop Brother Blood. Superboy agrees to join them.
  17. Clark and Lois learn that Lana Lang is married to Pete Ross, Ultraman returns and captures Pete.
  18. Ultraman causes a Ultimate fire in Metropolis.
  19. Superman goes to Themyscira and meets Wonderwoman.
  20. Superman returns to Metropolis to see Superboy and the Teen Titans and other villains control it.
  21. Superman, Wonderwoman, Steel, Dr. Faith, Metallo, Bruno Mayhem, Supergirl, and Livewire work together to beat the team Superboy assembled.
  22. The Civil war continues and Dr. Faith comes to find and release Darkseid's spirit.

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