Superman Forever is a DC version of the 2003 film "Hulk". It stars Ben Affleck as Clark Kent/Superman, Olivia Wilde as Lois Lane, and Stephen Lang as Jor-El. 


Near the appocalypse of Krypton, scientist Jor-El predicts the coming end of Krypton. The Kryptonian high council doesn't believe him, but Jor-El makes several escape pods anyways. The Kryptonian military shuts down Jor-El's research. Jor-El sends his son off in an escape pod as the planet explodes. Kal lands on Earth, where he is raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent.

In 2013, "Clark Kent" (what Jonathan and Martha named Kal after finding him) is now a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley. The military takes an interest in Clark's research into nanomeds and sends General Wade Eiling to investigate it. Meanwhile, Jor-El reappears and begins to infiltrate Clark's life, taking a job as a janitor at the lab and secretly keeping an eye on him.

Captain Daniel Lane is informed of the research and becomes concerned for his daughter Lois, who works at the lab with Clark. Lane meets with Lois and informs her of his concerns, but she becomes angry that he came there for business and not to reconcile with her.

In a lab accident, Clark is accidentally exposed to gamma radiation and the nanomeds, which combine with his already extraterrestrial DNA and protect him from being killed by the radiation. After the accident Clark awakens in a hospital bed and Lois informs him that he should be dead, but instead he is better than he was before. That night, Jor-El finally confronts Clark and reveals himself as his father.


  • Ben Affleck as Clark Kent/Superman
  • Olivia Wilde as Lois Lane
  • Stephen Lang as Jor-El
  • Ron Perlman as General Wade Eiling
  • William Hurt as Captain Daniel Lane


The sequel, Superman Reborn, will be a Superman version of Iron Man 2. Idris Elba is set to appear in the sequel as John Henry Irons/Steel, Josh Duhamel will appear as John Corben/Metallo, Paul Bettany will appear as Lex Luthor, and Mike Vogel will appear as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. EM is considering a third one, and it will either be a Superman version of The Dark Knight Rises or Ghost Rider: Spirit Vengeance.


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