Superman is an upcoming 2013 film reboot as the Second installment of the community universe. It is written by Cartoon44 and directed by Bat24.

Sypnosis Edit

Metropolis' hero and protector, Superman, takes on the struggle of balancing his life as Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent, and Kal-El, the name once given by the parents who he longs to find more about. If that isn't hard enough to handle, two threats arise known as Metallo and Parasite, who both have a vengeance on the last son of Krypton. Can Superman be the hero of the day or will he fall to the conflicts of his past, present and future?

Cast Edit

  • David Giuntoli as Superman/ Kal-El/ Clark Kent
  • Rachel Mcadams as Lois Lane
  • Michael Angarano as Jimmy Olsen
  • Brian Green as John Corben/Metallo
  • James Spader as Rudy Jones /Parasite
  • Ayelet Zurer as Lara-Lor Vann
  • John Schneider as Jonathan Kent
  • Susan Walter as Martha Kent
  • Josh Brolin as Lex Luthor (Cameo)
  • Sam Worthington as Bruce Wayne

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