Kal-El, the only son of scientists from the doomed planet Krypton, was sent to Earth. He was found and raised by a kindly couple, who named him Clark, in Smallville. He moved to Metropolis to work at The Daily Planet as a reporter and be the superhero known as Superman.

Superman likes the Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen and lets him take his pictures. Cat Grant, the Planet's gossip columnist is always trying to seduce Clark. She suspects something about Clark. She can't figure out why she's so powerfully attracted to a klutz(It’s like he’s got super-pheromones or something).

Lois doesn't like Clark because he is meek and she's only interested in Superman. Steve Lombard, the editor of the sports page, can't help trying to bully Clark who sometimes thwarts his prank through his abilities.

Lex Luthor, who used to be the most brilliant and powerful man in Metropolis, before Superman deposed him, becomes his arch-enemy. 

Winslow Schott AKA Toyman , is a domestic terrorist residing in Metropolis. He fights for Truth, Justice and the American Way. His weapons often look like harmless toys.

The Kryptonite Man

Mister Mxyzptlk


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