This is another movie in The Community DC Movie Universe.

Cast Edit

  • Armie Hammer as Clark Kent/ Superman
  • Jennifer Lopez as Lois Lane
  • Vin Diesel as Lex Luthor
  • Roman Reigns as Lobo

Story Edit

It starts in Krypton when Superman's father sends Kal-El his son to Earth. Then it shows The Apocalypse army invading it. Then Darkseid planted a foom tube on Krypton. Then it exploded. Then the title shows.

Then it shows 20 years later with an 20 year old Clark Kent AKA Kal-El working at a farm. He started plowing and doing farm work. Then it shows military vehicles going to the farm. They are going to the farm to change it to an military base.

Soon it shows it in space with a space ship with Lobo piloting it. He targets Earth and then he jumps in a pod. Soon he heads to Metropolis.

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