Appeared in Man of Steel (Brief)
Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (End Credit Appearance)
Captain Technology: Forward (Official Appearance)
Universe 'AU Live-Action Continuity
Birth July 6th, 1996
Species Human
Relatives Alexander Hayden (Father)
Hestia Hayden (Mother)
Occupation High-School Student

Samuel Hayden is a 17 year old Human male attaining at Tomaree High School in Australia. Considered a prodigy in multiple subjects at a very young age, he was able to create his a highly sophisticated complex sentient Artificial Intelligence at age of 7 which almost revolutionized technology until he was able to hide his A.I to the point it was a fairy tale, and a lie made by him.

In 2016 when General Zod was battling Kal-El, he was watching the battle in his country with a spherical robotic called Alpha recording the events.


Early LifeEdit

Birth & ChildhoodEdit

Growing upEdit

Primary SchoolEdit

Making his First A.IEdit


High SchoolEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit



  • Super-Genius Intellect: Samuel is shown to be have intellect beyond the capacity a Human should be able to obtain. Having intellect that allows greater mental feats which allows him to process information, and data faster then almost light-speeds. This form of intellect is expressively shown in "Captain Technology: The Forward


  • Greater Intellectual Forces: Samuel can be outsmarted by cosmic forces, or other beings who possess much greater intellectual prowess.




Hayden ArmorEdit

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