Dick Grayson (Doomverse)
Real name Richard John Grayson
Aliases Dick Grayson
Robin (formerly)
Relatives John Grayson
Mary Grayson
Affiliation Batman
The Flying Graysons (formerly)
Haley's Circus (formerly)
Appeared in Batman: World's Greatest Detective
Portrayed by Freddie Highmore

Unknown Actor (cameo only) Troy Roberts

Richard "Dick" Grayson is Batman's former sidekick. Having outgrown the mantle Robin, Dick left his mentor's tutelage became his own hero, Nightwing.


Early LifeEdit

Born March 21, 1989 to John and Mary Grayson, Richard "Dick" John Grayson trained to be an acrobat in Haley's Circus from a very young age eventually forming one third of The Flying Graysons.

Batman: World's Greatest DetectiveEdit

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Behind the scenesEdit

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