Return of the Caped Crusader is a Batman film and the second film in OptimusPrime27's Batman trilogy. It is the sequel to The Caped Crusader.


  • Edward Norton - Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Kristen Bell - Vicki Vale
  • unknown - Selina Kyle
  • William H. Macy - Jim Gordon
  • Jack Black - Harvey Bullock
  • Eric Bana - Harvey Dent/Two-Face
  • Ewan McGregor - Kirk Langstrom/Man-Bat
  • Ron Perlman - Rupert Thorne

Plot SynopsisEdit

Half of police officer Harvey Dent's face is disfigured in an explosion caused by criminal Rupert Thorne. He is enraged and turns to a life of crime. Meanwhile, scientist Kirk Langstrom tests out his brand new super soldier serum, but messes up and transforms into a half-man, half-bat monster.

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