Red Hood: Renegade Days
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PG-13 for sequences of intense violence.

Red Hood: Renegade Days is a fanon movie created by VideoGameFan9012


Jason Todd has taken on many enemies head-on, but nobody has ever challenged him....until now. After he receives a video message from the rebellious and mysterious Anarky, he goes on the hunt for him.


Red Hood, Starfire, and Arsenal went through every soldier in the army of mercenaries there was. They then came across a hostage. He was badly beaten. "Dang, you look bad." Starfire said. The hostage was Dick Grayson, a former Robin and her old boyfriend. "Hi....Star." he said. A bullet then went into Dick's shoulder. Small droplets of blood showed on his skin near the bullet hole. Then there was Deathstroke, his captor with a pistol in his hand. "Pity I have to kill the boy......and you." Arsenal looked at the mercenary with hatred in his eyes. "YAAHHHH!!!!" he screamed as he ran to Deathstroke with his bow up. There was a slash and Arsenal's bow was split in half. Dick then grabbed his escrima sticks, turned on the taser modes, and threw them at Deathstroke. "AAARRGGGHHHH!!" the mercenary screamed. Steam came from his chest and then, he fell. The Outlaws escorted Dick off of the cave and into their helicopter. They lifted off, but then, a rocket hit the helicopter and it crashed. Fire was everywhere and as Jason Todd looked at all the flames, his eyes filled with tears. Visions of the Joker's frozen smile as he beat him, thoughts of the wreckage from the words of Batman. "STAR! ROY! DICK!" A groan came from near the wreckage. "We're fine, but Dick....isn't." It was Starfire. Red Hood ran over to the other two. Starfire was right. He was dead. Then, Red Hood ran away. "Jason, come back! Jason, no! JASON!!" Starfire screamed, but her scream only echoed in his ears.

2 Years Later

Anarky walks around his lair, thinking and mumbling to himself ideas on how to do his next publicity act. "No....maybe I could...nope...what to do, what to do, what to do...wait, I have an idea." He goes to his computer and searches "Red Hood". Tons of results pop up on his screen. Then he goes to the "images" section. He sees a picture and saves it. He then puts it in a document and prints it. "Now to call the man behind the hood." He turns on his webcam. "Ahem..." The document was a "WANTED" poster with a $100,000 dollar bounty on Red Hood's head.


Writer and Producer: VideoGameFan9012

Director (wanted): Brandon Vietti


  • Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Crispin Freeman as Roy Harper/Arsenal
  • Klayton as Anarky
  • Khary Payton as Thug
  • Chris Cox as Bruiser
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Gunman
  • Lacey Chabart as Starfire
  • Jesse McCartney as Dick Grayson
  • Christopher Lee as Deathstroke

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