Captain Cold
Len Snart (Doomverse)
Real name Leonard Snart
Aliases Len Snart
Relatives Lisa Snart
Affiliation The Rogues
Appeared in The Flash
Portrayed by Desmond Harrington

Erickson Brown(rumored)

Leonard "Len" Snart is a criminal who started out working alongside Captain Boomerang before utilising his "Cold Ray" and forming the villainous team known as The Rogues, acting as their leader Captain Cold.


Early LifeEdit

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The FlashEdit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Leadership
  • Marksmanship



  • Cold Ray


  • Lisa Snart/Glider - Sister and teammate
  • The Flash - Enemy
  • Captain Boomerang - Accomplice
  • Heat Wave - Teammate


Behind the scenesEdit

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To be added

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