its a movie chris evans is batman


Bruce waynes is a kid and his parents gets shot and he yells OH NOOOO but then in modern day we see he is at karate school learning karate and he decides to become Batman to beat up criminals and revenge his parents death and he finds their killer and their killers name is riddler and he is evil and so batman beats up riddler and kills him but riddlers brother joker shows up

at the end credits we see Riddlers brother joker and he sees "why so serious batman BWAHAHAHA"


Chris evans is batman in it

Taylor swift is Vicki vale

John Malkovich is Alfred

john malkovich is commissioner Gordon

john malkovich is ras al ghoul

john malkovich is batmans dad

katy perry is batmans mom

Christian bale is riddler

heath ledger is joker (brought back to life by a magic potion)

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