Justice League: Savage Times (also known as Justice League II) is a 2024 live action DC comics film directed by Jon Favreau. It is a continuation of the DC Cinematic Universe, and the sequel to the 2019 mega blockbuster Justice LeagueScott PorterArmie HammerGina CaranoGarrett HedlundSam WorthingtonJai Courtney, and Damian Lewis all reprise their roles as the members of the Justice League.


Premise Edit

After Superman's battle with Doomsday, the ageless Vandal Savage makes his move against the Justice League by allying himself with their greatest enemies, including billionaire and Presidential hopeful Lex Luthor, the beautiful yet insane goddess Circe, and the deadly League of Assassins under their new leader Bane. Having to face their deadliest threat yet, the members of the league must find a way to defeat Savage and prevent him harnessing the deadly power he craves that could result in the deaths of billions of people.

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