"Justice League: a better world" is a 2019 Superhero movie and the 2nd Justice League movie. It is loosely based on the episode of the same name from the DCAU. This movie focuses on the conflict between the Justice League and the Justice Lords.

Plot Edit

Opening Edit

"Justice League: a better world" opens with an action sequence of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman storming the White House to get to President Lex Luthor and stop him from launching a nuclear missile.

When Superman gets to the oval office he sees that Lex has his hands on a launch-button, Lex Luthor taunts Superman telling him the real reason Superman refuses to kill is because he loves the attention and he wouldn't be much of a hero without a villain to fight. Luthor pushes Superman too far and Superman kills Lex Luthor.

Five years later, Superman and his comrades have taken over the world, as the "Justice Lords" they now do as they please and enforce their will on the world. Supervillains or heroes who refuse to obey the Justice Lords, or sent to the Gualg. Selina Kyle leads a small insurgent group who rescues prisoners on their way to the Gulag.

Justice Lords meet Justice League Edit

Justice Lords invade the League's Earth Edit

Hunt for the Doomsday Keys Edit

Battle on two earths Edit

Unleashing Doomsday Edit

Features Edit

  • Doomsday
  • Doomsday Vault
  • the Gulag:

Part in the Myth arc Edit

"Justice League: a better world" sets up the plot for the next phase of the DC universe.

The "Justice Society" Mini-series shows the consequences of what could happen if the Justice League were to be defeated in this upcoming war against the United States government. "Justice League: a better world" shows the even more terrifying consequences of what could happen if they were to succeed.

Throughout Phase3 there are signs that the League Superman is becoming more and more like Lord Superman.

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