Biography Edit

Julie Madison is a Hollywood actress. She dated Bruce Wayne during his early years as Batman. She would’ve been the victim of a washed up actor because she was the main lead of  the reboot of his most important movie but was saved by Batman. She eventually found out about Bruce’s double life. She couldn’t deal with the fact that her father died because of his fear of the Batman. She found out that she was pregnant with Bruce’s child and married Warren McGinnis to hide that it was Bruce's child.


Julie Madison is a Hollywood sex queen. She was staying in the Royal Hotel for a shooting in Gotham when Bruce booked a room there so people will think that he's screwing her. They ran into each other and started dating. She invited him to stay with her at the location. She was almost killed by a washed up actor but was saved by Batman. They were eventually engaged. Her father got involved with the Mob.

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