"Ya know, Bat-For-Brains, I personally think that YOU, sir, take yourself more serious then anyone else does, and I don't take any thing serious. Exhibit A: you put up with my morbid jokes, exhibit B: you wear that cape and your tights so proudly, that people talk behind your back and you can't hear with those pointy ears of yours. You should really consult a psychiatrist, may I suggest Dr. Reality?!"

- Joker to Batman


Gotham KnightEdit

In Gotham Knight, Joker appears as a long-time patient from Arkham, who is, in Dr. Crane's words, a mysterious vault full of secrets, that only an expert safe-cracker could open. He escapes Arkham and kidnaps Robin, Batmans beloved teen side-kick, and ties him up to a vault in a warehouse. Joker tells Robin that he looks up to a grown man in a cape and tights, and Robin spits in Jokers eye. Joker laughs and says "kid, you spit like a camel. I think you should go pro, because you could get some serious fans, but for now, who ever operates your spit-cannon is of duty, so lets keep that thing off." Robin struggles to get out of the chains, then Joker laughs and stuffs a stick of dynamite into his mouth. Robin struggles even more then Joker says "life is like a complicated riddle. Solving things non-stop, yadda yadda yadda. Like I always say, lifes a bat, then you die. Hahahaha!" Robin kicks Joker in the groin, then Joker smiles and lets the stick of dynamite. Robin struggles some more, which makes Joker laugh some more. More to be added...