Jimmy Olsen
Real name James Bartholomew “Jimmy” Olsen
Appeared in Man of Steel (2013 film)
Universe DC Cinematic Universe
Species Human
  • Daily Planet
  • Occupation
  • Photographer
  • Jimmy Olsen is a photographer for the Daily Planet; Partner of Lois Lane and Best Friend of Clark Kent.


    Early LifeEdit


    Man of SteelEdit

    Powers and AbilitiesEdit

    • Photography: Jimmy is an ace photographer and an accomplished, though amateur, investigative reporter. He has been awarded the Pulitizer Prize for photography.
    • Journalism


    Jimmy has an uncanny knack for getting himself into trouble. This often leads to Superman being forced to divert his attention from another crisis in order to rescue Jimmy. Over time however, Jimmy has become more responsible and Superman has learned that Jimmy can often take care of himself.



    • Signal Watch: As of the constant times Jimmy has got in trouble he was given a signal watch a Watch created by Kelex and Kelor so that any time he was in trouble it would activate a beacon that would acknowledge Superman of his whereabouts.
    • Camera: Jimmy using his cheques he earned bought a new camera after his original was smashed by General Zod.


    • Clark Kent - Friend, Coworker and Idol
    • Lois Lane - Friend, Coworker and Partner
    • Perry White - Employer
    • Tim Drake - Best Friend and Fellow Student
    • Adam Strange - Teacher and Friend

    Behind the ScenesEdit

    To be added


    (First appearance) - Erbin C. Swaby


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