Green Lantern is a film in the DC Cinematic Universe by ElectricMayhem.

Plot SynopsisEdit

The Green Lantern of Earth, Hal Jordan, is framed for murdering another Lantern by the evil Sinestro, who is secretly using the robotic Manhunters as his own private henchmen.


  • Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

A test pilot and an intergalactic peacekeeper, Hal Jordan is kicked out of the Green Lantern Corps when Sinestro frames him for the murder of Abin Surr.

  • Carol Ferris

Hal Jordan's girlfriend, and the head of Ferris Aircrafts. She discovers he is a Green Lantern when the Manhunters invade Earth.

  • Sinestro

A respected and well-known Green Lantern who turns out to be evil when he kills Abin Surr and takes control of the Manhunter robots.

  • The Manhunters

Battle robots created by the Abin Surr to help the Green Lanterns catch high profile villains. Sinestro kills Abin Surr in order to take control of them and use them to conquer Earth.

  • Hector Hammond

A scientist who works at Ferris Aircrafts. He is disappointed with his job as he has way more knowledge than just building planes. He is a genius in astrophysics, and so Rick Flag comes to him to ask him to work for the government.

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