Green Lantern is the second installment in the Batsverse Starring Jensen Ackles as Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern, Olivia Wilde as Carrol Ferris, Kevin Bacon as Sinestro.

Release Date- May 7, 2008

Directed By Zach Snyder

Jensen Ackles as Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern- Five years after getting the ring he uses it to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Olivia Wilde as Carol Ferris- Hal`s ex-girlfriend who gets saved by the Green Lantern.

Kevin Bacon as Sinestro- Hal`s Green Lantern Corps teammate who is really working with the Manhunters.

Micahel Clarke Duncan as the Voice of Killowag-

Ben Affleck as Amon Sur- Abin Sur`s son who is jelious of Hal.

Andrew Lincon as Bruce Wayne-cameo


The film shows Green Lantern his origin, Hal seeing an alien in a spaceship and the alien gives him the ring which givesd him memories of the other lanterns. Five Years past and Hal is back to being a pilot. Hal sees Carrol and tells her that they should date again. Carrol rolls her eyes and Hal is called by Sinestro and Killowag. Hal says see you later and discreetly suits up as the Green Lantern. Sinestro tells Hal that the Manhunters are getting stronger. GL asks how do you know and Sinestro tells him that a few weeks ago he had to save Amon Sur from them. It shifts back to when Hal goes to Carol`s house for dinner. Carol asks him have you heard about the Green Lantern lately?

More to Come........

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