Green Arrow is a 2016 Film set in the Dc Universe. Starring Charlie Hunnam as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow.

Directed By Christopher Nolan


Charlie Hunnham as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow- A Billionaire who has returned to Star City after spending Five years on an island returns to become a vigilantie and to right his fathers wrongs.

Katie Cassidy as Brianna Stone- Oliver`s ex girlfriend who works for the Star Bugle.

Jason Issacs as Tommy Merlin- Oliver`s buisness rival who works with Count Vertigo.

Tom Cruise as Robert Queen- Oliver`s father who is not the person Oliver thinks he is.

Colin Farrell as Floyd Lawton/ Deadshot- An assasin who is hired by Count Vertigo to end Green Arrow. Collin states that there might be a Suicide Squad film in the future.


The Film starts in 1995 where Robert and his wife Moria Queen are watching their six year old son Oliver play with his Robin Hood toy, Robert smiles and tells Oliver its time for dinner. Oliver gets up and says okay daddy. The film shifts to the year 2011 where a 22 year old Oliver is having a party. Robert comes down and asks Oliver why he is having a party? Oliver takes a sip of wine and tells his father to lighten up a little bit. Oliver then spots a pretty women and goes up to her. The woman asks Oliver what he wants and Oliver smiles and kisses her, While this is happening Oliver`s girlfriend Brianna Stone calls him on the phone. All of a sudden the boat hits a huge rock and it stops. Oliver gets up out of the bed with the girl and looks outside,a strong wave of water hits the boat destroying half of the boat, Robert is then shown in a Yacht and tells Oliver to come on, Oliver jumps on the boat with his father. Two days later Oliver awakens to see his father looking for more food in a basket.

Robert looks at Oliver, and says that there isn't enough food for the both of us. Oliver than begins crying and says I want you to eat the food please. Robert pulls out a gun, and before pulling the trigger he tells Oliver to right his wrongs, Robert pulls the trigger and Oliver begins screaming. Days later Oliver buries Robert's dead body on an Island.

More To Come......

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