Green Arrow: Emerald Archer is a Dc comics film based on Green Arrow. It stars Chris Hemsworth as Oliver Queen / Green Arrow.

Directed By Ben Affleck

July 5th, 2013


Chris Hemsworth as Oliver Queen / Green Arrow- A Billionaire who has returned to Star City, after spending Five years alone on an Island. He uses his new found archery skills to become a vigilantie Green Arrow.

Elisha Cuthbert as Dinah Lance- Oliver's ex girlfriend who crosses paths with Green Arrow,unaware that its really Oliver. Elisha states that her character won't become Black Canary in the movies.

Jim Broadbent as Temple Fugate / Clock King- A criminal who plans each robbery with time. Jim states that his character knew Robert Queen before he died.

Ken Wantebe as Yao-Fei- Oliver's master who taught him archery and how to fight, He is also the father of Shado.

Jamie Chung as Shado- Oliver's friend on the Island.

Tom Cruise as Arthur Merlyn / The Dark Archer- An archer who is apart of A.R.G.U.S and is hired by Clock King to kill Green Arrow.


The Film starts

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