The Garyverse is the DC Cinematic Universe created by Gary Walker , influenced heavily by the Doomverse. The Garyverse consists of films based on characters from DC Comics.



This universe's Batman is portrayed by Patrick Dempsey.


This universe's Superman is portrayed by Joe Manganiello.

Wonder WomanEdit

This universe's Wonder Woman is portrayed by Megan Fox.

Green LanternEdit

This universe's Green Lantern is portrayed by Lee Pace.


This universe's Flash is portrayed by Chris Pine.


This universe's Aquaman is portrayed by Armie Hammer.

Justice LeagueEdit

The Justice League franchise brings together the heroes of the Garyverse together as a team. The founding members are Superman (Manganiello), Batman (Dempsey), Wonder Woman (Fox),  Green Lantern (Pace), Flash (Pine), and Aquaman (Hammer).

Legends of the SuperheroesEdit

Legends of the Superheroes is a franchise focusing on a single movie of the other DC Universe heroes (the less-popular ones).

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