• Armie Harmmer as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Nicholas Hoult as Dick Grayson/Nightwing
  • Logan Lerman as Tim Drake/Red Robin
  • Aleandra Daddrio as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
  • James Cromwell as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Elizabeth Chambers as Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Villains Edit

  • Ray Liotta as Black Mask-The Main Antagonist
  • Josh Stewart as Deadshot-The Secondary Antagonist
  • Zachary Quinto as The Riddler-The Tetrary Antagonist
  • Crispin Freeman as The Joker
  • Michael Sthulbarg as Man-Bat
  • MBA


Gotham is a live-action television series based on the character of the DC Comics; Batman and other citizens of the fictional city of Gotham. The series takes place in Bruce Wayne's second year as the dark knight at the age of twenty-one as he struggles with the death of both his parents and his relationship between his friends aswell as his enemies. The series started airing on August 1, 2013. Each episode contains a time slot of 65 minutes. The creators of the series have announced that with the popular views, the series could go on for as long as ten seasons.

Season One: (2014-15) Edit

No. Title Antagonist(s) Synopsis Original air date
1 Pilot Joe Chill, Black Mask Bruce has flashbacks of the death of his parents and how he became the Batman whiles taking on Black Mask. August 1, 2013
2 A Thieves Eye Catwoman Bruce develops a relationship with Selina Kyle who is actually the Catwoman trying to steal a ruby jewel. August 15, 2013
3 Birds Eyes The Penguin The Calender Man sets a series of dates on which he will kill certin people including Bruce so Batman sets a trap. August 29, 2013
4 Feast Man-Bat Bruce's inspiration, Doctor Robert Langstrom develops a formula which transforms him into the Man-Bat. September 12, 2013
5 Target Deadshot Bruce saves the mayor from the assassin, Deadahot who then sets the Batman as his next target. September 26, 2013
6 Breakout Black Mask A special ops team break out Black Mask from Arkham and Batman steps in to take him back. October 10, 2013
7 The Graysons Tony Zucco Bruce is visting the Haley Joel Circus when Dick Grayson witnesses the death of his parents he and Bruce then take on Crime Boss Tony Zucco October 24, 2013
8 Flight of The Robin The Riddler Batman and Robin take on The Riddler who is keeping a senetor prisoner. November 7, 2013
9 Summit Deadshot Bruce thinks Deadshot is killed when he reappears to with his eye set on Dick. November 21, 2013
10 Array Mr Freeze Victor Fries wife Nora is put in a comma so Fries becomes Mr Freeze and begins stealing Diamonds February 6, 2014
11 Agendas February 20, 2014
12 Formula Man-Bat March 6, 2014
13 March 20, 2014

Season Two: (2015-16)Edit

No. Title Antagonist(s) Synopsis Original air date
1 Swamp Killer Croc Bruce faces a new mutant threat when former wrestler Killer Croc plans to flood the city using the sewers. August 7, 2014
2 August 21, 2014
3 September 4, 2014
4 September 18, 2014
5 October 2, 2014
6 The Nightwing October 16, 2014
7 Red Robin October 30, 2014
8 November 13, 2014
9 November 27, 2014
10 February 5, 2015
11 February 19, 2015
12 March 5, 2015
13 March 19, 2015

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