Future's End is a 2019 film by Ben Affleck and produced by Michael Bay



Bruce Wayne was having dinner with Terry in the Wayne manor it was Superman's birthday Terry asks "What happened to Superman?" Bruce recalled a bad memory about him and Superman and says to Terry "I don't wanna talk about that." Getting ready for bed Terry sees a shadow of a man. Terry goes out of the manor and follows the shadow in his suit. He catches the man, accidentally rips the middle of the shirt and looks at it, the cloth that Terry ripped of had an S, when he look again the man was gone. Terry goes back to the manor and puts the cloth on the dining table and goes to sleep. Bruce was having a bad dream, he was dreaming of him in Metropolis, Superman jumps on him and they were fighting, Bruce takes out a batarang with all the kryptonite on the center and stabs Superman on the heart. Bruce wakes up sweating in 6:00 in the morning he sees the cloth on the table and calls Terry and says "Terry were going somewhere" Bruce and Terry go to the cemetery to look at Superman's grave, Bruce asks Terry "Tell me Terry, who did you see? "Superman". In Central city Barry had photos of Superman walking the world, Captain Cold breaks in to Barry's house, Barry runs to his suit and says "COLD DON'T DO THIS!!!" Captain Cold questions Barry "Where is Superman?" He shoots Barry, Barry says "I DON'T KNOW!!!" Barry runs around the room and then Captain Cold shoots Barry on the leg Constantine appears and shoots Cold. Barry says "Thanks John" Constantine looks at Barry, Barry says "John?" Constantine shoots Barry, Barry dies.

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