Dr.Manhattan is a stand alone film based on the Watchmen series. The story takes place after Watchmen Beyond where he is living in peace with his created species The Ziploks on top of his tower. Dr.Manhattan was seeing visions of his planet exploding into dust. Dr.Manhattan has another vision of him exploding instead. He was worried of how the future would be. Then a male Siplok walk in and said " King I brought you disturbing news of earth, Dan Dreiberg is dead. Dr.Manhattan sighed with depression. Then Dr.Manhattan decided to go back to Earth to see how Laurie is handleding up on Dan's death. Dr.Manhattan approached Laurie in her bedroom. Laurie was shocked to see Dr.Manhattan arrive. "What are you doing here Jon?" Laurie asked. " I'm here to see how your doing" Jon responded. David walked in wearing a suit sayung that " Sara wanted to know that Laurie doing okay?". When David was looking at Laurie and Jon talking, he was shocked because Laurie told David that she broke up with Jon. Jon was looking at David's face and realizing the face Dan made when he saw Rorschach died. Then Laurie was Dan's picture and said the Watchmen is more. Dr.Manhattan and David was shocked at Laurie's decision. Dr.Manhattan that he will be form a new team and giving the team his powers. Then he announced that the team will be The Manhattan Force. More will be coming

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