dark stars journey is a semi sequel to superman returns, set 5 years after the vague events. the movie was developed after several discussions about how to reboot superman. the idea came in the form of a outline of a story which involved the justice league to a limited degree and a different tone to what was established in the fan-hated superman returns. controversaly it would have starred jason white as a superhero named dark star. it was released on july 1st to very positive reviews praising the films themes and narrative, visual effects acting and its amazing action set pieces along with the writing of its main protagonist jason white, despite this critics were often critical of the films runtime of 153 minutes. it overperformed and achieved a gross of 943 million dollars worldwide.




the film was proposed by steven spielberg after the studio fired bryan singer. the films outline prompted the studio to trust stevens idea and give him a budget of 150 million dollars. the internet was stunned to hear of a dc comics film named dark stars journey would involve darkseid and brainiac. speculation ranged from the identity of dark star to the involvement of the justice league. eventually it was announced that the film will star supermans son. the reaction to the news was mixed. steven spielberg finally appointed david s goyer. filming began on the fall of 2012. henry cavill and amy adams were assigned the role of superman and lois lane. eventually other justice league members were casted.


coming soon


during the filming the marketing department wanted a trailer for the comic con convention. the films teaser featured jason white in a giant tank. brainiac approaches the tank which ends with a logo. 2 more trailers featuring more action were released to wide acclaim.


The film was released in july 1st worldwide.


the film opened up to suprisingly rave reviews(even though they expected positive). it currently stands at 90%. the film had on average an A+ on cinimascore. the reviews praised it for it for its narrative and action sequences as well as its dark tone including the writing of its characters.


the film garnered more than 390 million dollars dometically and more than more than 500 million in other territories totaling to 953 million dollars worldwide. the films overperformance was due to the massive buzz caused by trailers as well as word of mouth.


after the films performance it was announced that a sequel is being planned. the sequel simply titled(for now) DARK STAR will release in 2015.    

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