The DC Tokuverse is a shared movie universe made with the intent of taking classic DC characters and putting them in a cheesy, Tokusatsu-esque universe.

Note: Please don't take this universe seriously. It's just for fun as a "what if" movie universe, and I don't think these would actually be good films (though they'd certainly be entertaining). Also, I barely watch any tokusatsu--the most I've seen is the Godzilla franchise, which is a kaiju film series (obviously), and doesn't really show the full extent of what tokusatsus are about. So when it comes to the casting and story outlines, I'm probably not gonna have very many good ideas.

Films Edit

Cast Edit

Heroes Edit

  • Mitsuru Karahashi as Superman
  • Rei Kikukawa as Wonder Woman
  • TBA as The Flash
  • Hiroshi Abe as Green Lantern
  • TBA as Cyborg

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