The DC Retroverse is a franchise of animated movies based off of DC Comics' 80's-90's era of publication.

Movies Edit

Cast Edit

Super Family/Rogues/Supporting Edit

  • TBA as Superman / Clark Kent
  • TBA as Superboy / Kon-El
  • TBA as Steel / John Henry Irons
  • TBA as Lex Luthor
  • TBA as Doomsday
  • TBA as Lois Lane

Bat Family/Rogues/Supporting Edit

  • TBA as Batman / Bruce Wayne
  • TBA as Nightwing / Dick Grayson
  • TBA as Robin / Tim Drake
  • TBA as Azrael / Jean-Paul Valley
  • TBA as Bane / Dorrance

Wonder Family/Rogues/Supporting Edit

  • TBA as Wonder Woman / Princess Diana
  • TBA as Cassie Sandsmark

Flash Family/Rogues/Supporting Edit

  • TBA as The Flash / Wally West
  • TBA as Max Mercury / Max Crandall
  • TBA as Savitar
  • TBA as Linda Park

Green Lanterns/Rogues/Supporting Edit

  • TBA as Green Lantern / Kyle Rayner
  • TBA as Sentinel / Alan Scott
  • TBA as Parallax / Hal Jordan
  • TBA as Alexandra Dewitt

Marvel Family/Rogues/Supporting Edit

  • TBA as Captain Marvel / Billy Batson
  • TBA as Mary Marvel / Mary Batson
  • TBA as Black Adam / Teth Adam

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