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The DC Expanded Cinematic Multiverse, or DCEM, for short, is a connected multiverse of movies based on DC Comics characters created by Imruer. The movies begin with Superman: The Last Son and end with DC's Cataclysm: Part Two.

Movie Franchises Edit

Justice League Franchise Edit

  1. Justice League: Gods Among Men - the Justice League gathers for the first time to stop the hacked Brother Eye satellite from killing all superhumans.
  2. Justice League: Raining Fire - Martian Manhunter joins the League to help them defend against Darkseid's invasion.
  3. Justice League: Multiverse - the discovery of the multiverse and the Crime Syndicate's attack.

Superman Franchise Edit

  1. Superman: The Last Son - a story based off of the origin of Superman and his first time protecting Earth against evil.
  2. Superman: Revolution - the second of Superman's adventures, where he fights the combined forces of Metallo and Lex Luthor.
  3. Superman: Man of Tomorrow - the final Superman movie, featuring Brainiac, who is attempting to absorb all of the information on Earth before destroying it. The Justice League would have a large role in this movie.

The Flash Franchise Edit

  1. The Flash: The Crimson Comet - a story featuring Barry Allen fighting Gorilla Grodd, who has been manipulated by Professor Zoom.
  2. The Flash: Honor Among Thieves - to be added.
  3. The Flash: The Fastest Men Alive - to be added.

Green Lantern Franchise Edit

  1. Green Lantern: The Calling - Hal Jordan's first flight as Green Lantern, where he, along with the Corps, must take down Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps.
  2. Green Lantern: Emerald Guardian - to be added.
  3. Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps - to be added.

Titans Franchise Edit

  1. Titans - to be added.
  2. Untitled Titans sequel - to be added.

Justice Society Franchise Edit

  1. Justice Society: Legends of the Second Earth - to be added.
  2. Untitled Justice Society sequel - to be added.

DC's Cataclysm Edit

  1. DC's Cataclysm: Part One - the first of a two-part movie series loosely based on the 1985 comic, Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  2. DC's Cataclysm: Part Two - the second of the two-part movie series.

TV Shows Edit

Static Edit

A superhero show based on the Milestone Comics character, Static. Other Milestone Comics heroes would make appearances, as well. This show would not take place in the same universe as most of the movies, but would be part of the same multiverse and would often cross over.

Cast Edit

Heroes Edit

  • Superman / DJ Cotrona
  • Wonder Woman / Jamie Alexander
  • Batman / Karl Urban
  • The Flash / Adam Brody
  • Green Lantern / TBA
  • Aquaman / TBA
  • Martian Manhunter / Lance Reddick
  • Robin / TBA
  • Kid Flash / Thomas Brodie-Sangster
  • Wonder Girl / TBA
  • Aqualad / TBA

Villains Edit

  • Darkseid / Michael Ironside
  • Brainiac / Iain Glen
  • Professor Zoom / Adam Driver
  • Sinestro / Luke Evans
  • Lex Luthor / Mark Strong

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