The DCML Universe (DC Movie Legends) is a movie universe created by Spyder It features "Chapters" a series of movies which ends with a Major Event at the end of each which will effect the next one. The first movie was Batman: War Games released in 2020.

Chapter 1: A New World Edit

Batman: War Games (2020)

Superman: Kryptonian Crusader (2021)

Manhunter (2021)

Wonder Woman: Amazon Warrior (2022)

The Brave and the Bold: Invasion (2023)

JLA (2023)

Chapter 2: Darkfall Edit

Batman: Last Laugh (2024)

Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight (2024)

Superman: Rise of Metallo (2025)

Teen Titans (2025)

JLA: Darkfall (2026)