Basically, if you want to join this community project, say so in the comments. Anyone can join and you can claim any DC property you want unless it's currently claimed. You all probably understand how this goes. I'll be doing the Wonder Woman and Justice League films. You can only claim one movie at a time, I'm just taking the Justice League property to sort of oversee it, you'll all get input in it, don't worry.


Phase OneEdit

In Phase One, Batman has been the only superhero around for years now, until Ares, the ancient God of War, conquers Washington DC. Diana, princess of the Amazons, travels to America to stop Ares, and befriends soldier Steve Trevor along the way. Later on, an alien superhero known as Superman appears in Metropolis. Meanwhile, Jon Stewart is chosen for an intergalactic peace-keeping organization known as the Green Lantern Corps to join their ranks, and is mentored by the previous Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

Later in Central City, police forensics scientist Barry Allen gains the powers of super speed, becoming the vigilante known as Flash. Government organization, CADMUS, gathers all the major superheroes to form a peace-keeping team, although it is revealed that they have a hidden agenda, resulting in a battle for Earth.

Phase TwoEdit


Phase OneEdit


Phase TwoEdit

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