Bruce Wayne is a billionaire who is secretly the crimefighter Batman. He was motivated to fight crime when his parents were killed in front of him as a child.  This is the version of the character that appears in the Nygma Universe.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit


Bruce was born to Thomas and Martha Wayne in 1980, and raised at Wayne Manor with a luxurious lifestyle. However, on his twelfth birthday, Bruce's parents were killed by mugger Joe Chill, and he was raised by Alfred Pennyworth, his father's best friend, an ex-CIA agent, and the family butler. His best friend was Harvey Dent. Bruce attended Gotham University starting at age 18, where he met Vicki Vale, and the two were in a relationship for two years. Bruce left college between his junior and senior years to travel abroad.


Bruce first traveled to Las Vegas where he trained in boxing and UFC-style fighting under Ted Grant and All Pratt for a year. He then went to Britain for two years and trained in escapology and agility under John Zatara while also finishing up college at Cambridge. He then trained in manhunting and forensics under Henri Ducard in France, but left after two years due to discovering that Ducard secretly worked for the mob. He then went to Asia and studied in 100 forms of martial arts over a sevcen year period before his master Kirigi betrayed him and attempted to assassinate him. Bruce fled to Kenya and studied in medicine under Mike Maxwell and Dom for sax months, before returning to Gotham.

Batman: Gotham GuardianEdit

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Stage 1Edit

  • Batman: Gotham Guardian
  • Man of Tomorrow (cameo)
  • Batman: Gotham Uprising
  • JL

Stage 2Edit

  • Zatanna (cameo)
  • Batman: Angels and Demons
  • JL: Brave and Bold